Community Suggestions #2 Wrap-up

Hi, everyone!

Today, we’ll be reviewing the poll results from the second poll from our #suggestion-voting channel in the Sunrunner II discord! The staff got together and talked a little about each of the poll options, as well as discussed some of the interesting conversations that came up in our #suggestions channel.

Without further ado, here are the poll results in order!

Poll Results

1) Should the Elite Harvesters from NGE be added?

This suggestion has failed to pass the poll, however, discussions regarding harvesters and resource gathering are always ongoing.

2) Should instance keys be able to be traded in at a ratio to purchase the desired instance keys? Keys could be traded in for Scrip that can be then cashed in for an instance key of your choice.

This has passed the poll successfully and is officially added as a long-term goal. This will most likely be done by awarding you with a special kind of faction point currency which can be used as an alternative to enter an instance. Other methods of obtaining these points are also possible.

3) Should Singing Mountain Clan and Nightsister clothing be craftable by Tailors?

This has also passed the poll, and the staff has come to the agreement that it will be locked to only those who are playing as this specific species. It is in queue to be added to the server.

4) Should more imperial and rebel recruiters be added to various planets?

This suggestion has passed the poll and will be added. Look forward to it in the future!

5) Should recruiters additionally be added to Tansarii Point Station?

This failed to pass the poll and, therefore, will not be added to the server.

6) Should the Jukebox decoration become available permanently in addition to being rentable? It would be potentially a rare loot drop, or purchased in some fashion.

This suggestion has passed the poll. Currently, there may be a few bugs with the jukebox that need to be ironed out, but it will be added. Discussions are ongoing about a unique way of acquiring the jukebox.

7) Should the posture change effect be removed from Action Shot 1/2?

This suggestion has passed the poll. Discussions will be ongoing, but so far there should be no reason why this can’t be done.

8) Should an insurance terminal be added to Tansarii Point Station?

This passed the poll, and you can look forward to it being added soon!

9) Should starting profession skill trainers be added to Tansarii Point Station?

Actually, there already are skill trainers on TPS!

10) Should looted clothes have a chance to have empty sockets in them?

This failed to pass the polls. It should be noted, however, that as more content is added, anything is possible in the future!

11) Should NPC city missions have a chance to reward the player with a certain kind of Scrip to redeem for decorations or outfits?

Similar to how the above instance key suggestion that can then be used for a special kind of faction currency, we will be looking at city reputation and acquiring special rewards for each NPC city.

12) Should Smuggler crates be split into more ‘themed’ crates with smaller loot pools? It would make it easier to focus on the items you are looking for.

This did not pass the poll, but there was support for this regardless. We are looking into some tiers of smuggler crates soon, but the overall goal is purposely to have one large loot pool for the crates. It’s meant to be a gamble, after all!

13) Should you be able to remove items from crates while in combat?

This failed to pass the poll. Either way, it would most likely be a dangerous idea for PvP in the case of medicine and PSGs!

14) Should all new players start on Tansarii Point Station by default?

This failed to pass the poll, but we will be looking at giving new players more of an introduction to the travel system.

15) Should the listing time for bazaar listings be increased? Currently, bazaar items are listed for 7 days. (Possible 2-3x longer expiration timer.)

This successfully passed the poll. Though we don’t want to devalue the merchant skill tree or the utility of vendors (as some limitations on the bazaar have been decreased already) or increase load on the server database, we will look into increasing the length to 14 days.

16) Should multiple colored mysterious gems be added? The gems would be purely for aesthetic purposes.

This passed the poll successfully. Look forward to them soon!

17) Should the distance away from a ranger camp before it is flagged as abandoned be increased?

This passed the poll successfully, and it is in the queue! Please look forward to it!

18) Should you be allowed to manually select a distance and/or difficulty from mission terminals?

Passed! This may take some work, but it will be looked into for some QOL.

19) Should more perks/benefits/unlocks/rewards be added past Brigadier General rank?

Passed as well! Although there are plenty of benefits already, rest assured that much, much more is in the pipeline!

Ongoing Discussions

With that said, there were a few discussion questions that were of particular interest that were brought up as well among the staff. Here are some of the responses.

Guild Titles don’t have any tangible use, could we possibly get an option to have this as a title within a guild, similarly to GCW ranks but only shown within guild?

Virael (Solum/Rordan)

The system surrounding this may be very complicated, and of course would need to have a word filter attached. That being said, down the road, it may not be impossible.

I make this suggestion upfront knowing it’s a silly, petty ask but at least for artisan, support, and misc professions, is it game breaking to take away the SP requirement for 2nd tier mastery?

Virael (Solum/Rordan)

The rebalances of many support professions and so on are being discussed constantly. There will be a balance pass in the future, some affecting SP, others making your SP investment more worthwhile. Stay tuned!

Suggestion for Creature Handler: a radial dial option for under train that says (Train creature for pack) – using the same asset for mount but instead of mounting the critter, depending on size, having inventory space like a storage droid?

Virael (Solum/Rordan)

Doable. Creatures will be reworked a bit in the future, and while that’s being done, this will be looked into as well for pack creatures.

can we get dungeon finder???


The idea of using the character search function to allow you to search for other players looking to do similar activities was brought up, but unfortunately that function does not work at all! If you’re looking to group up with other players, thankfully we have a wonderfully active GalaxyChat that you can use to team up!

Suggestion: I will probably get roasted and burned…. No dropped weapons or armor should be better then crafted ones. Old droped ones that are OP like hell could not be repaired.

Metal [Ashtail|Bor|Sasa]

Well, as it stands, armor that is dropped can be rarely on par with crafted (even moreso better) and the durability is already substantially lower. Additionally, this is also by design, to ensure long-term survival of the server. However, loot in general is something that will also be evaluated in the future, so who knows?

suggestion: give master smuggler some pistol moves/bonuses so they aren’t ridiculed for having master smuggler in their combat template. (perhaps a pistol dizzy?)

MuchTooSexy (Layfon)

Yep, this is included in the above note about the support and misc professions. Smuggler, in particular, we have some interesting ideas for.

Master smuggler should get 50% bonus to spice effectiveness and 50% reduced downers


And that’s one of the ideas! Balance will be looked at, but the increased resistance to the downers of the spices is particularly interesting.

suggestion: Bank storage can be accessed by any character on account and increase storage.
Have a money sink on more bank storage.
Banks could store pets or any datapad item.

Rock Coffee

I’ll knock these three out all in a row! So the first one may be complicated with how they’re scripted, so no promises, but it’s an interesting suggestion for sure. As for the storage size, we’ll be looking at ways to increase bank storage. Finally, getting banks to store datapad items is very difficult! There shouldn’t be too much of a need to, considering the datapad storage size is already much higher than default, but storing them in a bank may not be possible anytime soon, unfortunately.

is it at all possible to remove the block animation from the game?

Matt Light Lime

We don’t want to eliminate the animation, but we can look into fixing the animation priority on it and all other animations that block movement.

I was wondering if we could make some sort of hinderance for smugglers who are on the bounty board. If you get a bounty for them and they afk on the Smuggler-only station, then people are not able to complete the bounty which seems a bit unfair.


So currently, they are also able to hide out in a player-owned house which is intended vanilla behavior. However, the bounty hunter code in general does need some work in the future, so we may take a look at this as well.

suggestion: poison resist may or may not need some kinda balance pass.

<BROOD> simo

We’ll be looking at the effectiveness of poison and disease resist buffs, so look forward to some relevant patch notes soon!

Suggestion: allowing vendors in private buildings to setup private vendor for easier transfer of items and availability between guild members, like a quartermaster

Virael (Solum/Rordan)

Using private buildings with the guild set as administrator already allows this basic function, and this specific functionality would take a lot of additional coding. Unfortunately the time investment it would take for something that can already (basically) be done isn’t really beneficial.

Cosmetic unimportant but possibly easy suggestion: When a player enters an instance, in the party screen instead of displaying “somewhere out in space” have it display the instance name


So this is an interesting one. All instances actually share the same zone, and splitting them into their own zones would increase server resource usage substantially. As fun as it would be to see the name of the instance on the loading screen for all of two full seconds (whoo, SSD’s!) or flex on group members by showing them the cool boss you’re fighting, unfortunately it’s not an easy fix!

Droid suggestion: Power “gonk” droids have 1 mod slot. Give adv power droids 2 mod slots (up from 1). All other advanced droids have more mods than their basic counterparts.

MuchTooSexy (Layfon)

Could be done. It’d take a little time to research and fully plot out, but no reason why not!


Please look forward to the upcoming patches and as always, we encourage you to join our discord and make some well-thought out suggestions of your own in our #suggestions channel. Equally as important is the #suggestion-voting channel where you can give a “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” reaction to each suggestion and see it in the next wrap-up article!

“But when can we expect to be able to vote on the next batch of community suggestions?”
How about… right now? Head into #suggestion-voting and cast your votes!

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you around the galaxy!

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