Sunrunner II is an open-source Star Wars Galaxies EMU-based game server.

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Launch Statement:

Sunrunner II

This is currently a public test server, that will hopefully become a long-term play server.

General Design Goals:

Addition of all (reasonable) post-14 and all unused content in a pre-CU context.
Creation of brand new zones and quest content.
Expanding on minor quests, incomplete POIs, adding spawns to create more value in more places.
Slight adjustments and balance tweaks to increase profession viability and diversity.
Generally making passive adjustments to attempt to address notorious gaps in immersion and balance.
Adherence to and curation of Expanded Universe canon.

Content in development:

-Taanab – highly refined and nearly complete, integrated into all game systems.

-Hoth – complete with Echo Base and nearly everything you’d expect to find, in development/testing, very near completion.

-Kashyyyk ‘Remastered’ – very early stages – I have built my own custom jungle planet around the original Kashyyyk map and incorporated each of the instances into the wilderness.

-Mustafar – like Kashyyyk, a mix of old and new.

-Nal Hutta – WIP

-Dagobah – WIP

-Bespin/Cloud City. This one is highly experimental, but should be available to tour soon*

-All of the NGE heroic instances are accessible, and a few other dungeons such as the Avatar station, currently getting populated.

-All CU and NGE weapons and armor available, except commando weapons, which are being worked out.

-Almost all CU and NGE vehicles available.

-All CU and NGE housing is available.



Takhomasak  (e-mail)



Credits and Thanks:  (will give more  specific credits when play state is attained and final content determined)


Jin Oso

Halyn (Empire in Flames)

Tiars (SWGChoice)

Esquire (SWGChoice)

Savage (SWGRogueOne)

Levarris (Darklight/Elysium)




The entire Mod the Galaxy Community

and of course, the SWGEMU developers