Sunrunner II is a Star Wars Galaxies EMU-based game server.

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Sunrunner II


This is currently a public test server, that will hopefully become a long-term play server.

General Design Goals: Addition of all CU, NGE, and unused content in a pre-CU context. 

Creation of brand new zones, dungeons, and quest content. 

Expanding on minor quests, incomplete POIs, adding spawns to create more value in more places.

Slight adjustments and balance tweaks to increase profession viability and diversity. 

Making passive adjustments to attempt to address notorious gaps in immersion and balance. 

Adherence to and curation of Expanded Universe canon.

No increased xp.
No ADKs.
Jedi is not currently a development priority. This is a challenging and immersive PvE server. The Jedi Village may or may not be open at launch.
Armor slices capped at 84%.
Buffs and CM poisons nerfed.
Stun damage and protection moved to GCW gear.

Content in development (all currently LIVE on the test server):

-Taanab – based on SOE’s unfinished work – unique spawns, NPC cities, POIs, badges, dungeons, and more!

-Hoth – original work, complete with Echo Base and nearly everything you’d expect to find, in development/testing, very near completion.

-Kashyyyk ‘Remastered’ – I have built my own custom jungle planet around the original Kashyyyk map and incorporated each of the instances into the wilderness.

-Mustafar – our excellent restoration and expansion is nearly complete.

-Kuat – original design – unique spawns, NPC cities, POIs, badges, and more!

-Ord Mantell – original design – unique spawns, NPC starports, POIs, badges, dungeons, and more!

-Nal Hutta – new terrain extrapolated from beta files WIP

-Dagobah – original WIP

-Mon Calamari – original WIP – now with underwater zone: Coral City!

-Ghomrassen – original WIP

-Nova Orion and Tansarii Point Stations are accessible, content in development.

NEW Faction recruiter/vendor system, new gear and PvP Battlegrounds, expanded faction ranks up to Surface Marshall.

Instanced Heroic Dungeons – Axkva Min, Exar Kun, IG-88, ISD, Sher Kar, Working and Decrepit Droid Factory, Old Research Facility, Avatar Station, plus ‘regular’ dungeons (for now) – Echo Base, HK-47, Myyydril Caverns, and more!

NEW world dungeons on Talus, Rori, Lok, Ord Mantell, and more – complete with new bosses and unique accessory loot. 

NEW skills and buffs in many professions – including Bounty Hunter, Commando, Droid Engineer, Fencer, Pikeman, Smuggler, Squad Leader, and Swordsman!

NEW world bosses on Tatooine, Endor, Ord Mantell, and Rori – plus boss kill badges!

NEW Non-Jedi Player Bounty System!

-NEW! Craftable Roads for Player Cities!

NEW redesigned travel UI – the galaxy map has been expanded, there are 23 planets on Sunrunner II!

NEW quests and quest types!

NEW playable species (thanks to our friend Halyn, of Empire in Flames)

-Many expansion loots dispersed throughout the galaxy, in old and new content.

NEW mounts, including Nerfs, Tauntauns, Varactyls, Bolotaurs, Kashyyyk Banthas, Moufs, Lava Fleas, Peko Pekos, Klikniks, Fambaas, Kimogilas, Snorbals, Kwis, Rontos, and many more!

NEW creature spawns on Ord Mantell, Kuat, Nal Hutta, Ghomrassen, Dagobah, Kashyyyk, Mustafar, Taanab, and Hoth – fully harvestable, many tamable, including new rare tamables.

-All CU and NGE weapons and armor available.

-All CU and NGE vehicles available.

-All CU and NGE housing is available.

-Expansion rewards, TCG and collection rewards available. (including many unreleased items)

-Over 100 new badges.



Takhomasak (Administrator, Developer, everything not credited below)  (e-mail)

Lasko (Developer, VM and repository architect, creator of our MtG TRE files, instance scripting, CU/NGE quest restoration…)

Xerthan (Developer, creature balance, minor POIs, new dungeons, new skills… )

Asa (Developer, code and scripting)


Credits and Thanks:  (will give more  specific credits when play state is attained and final content determined)

Halyn (Empire in Flames, code, client work, scripting)

Dax (Script/quest contributor)

Phoenix (MtG/EiF, code and client work)

Abi (Empire in Flames, scripting)

PastorOfPwn (screenplays, consultant)

Akemi (Consultant)

Aleshiea (armorsmith ideas and new components)

Highborn (Consultant)

Tiars (SWGChoice, teaching me how to run the server)

Esquire (SWGChoice, giving me a server to learn to run)

Savage (SWGRogueOne/Rehab, code and client work)

Progor (Relics of Corbantis, chat bot, launcher creator)

Growl (extended badges code)

Wefi (Client file fixes)

Tehe (3D artwork, Amidala furniture)

Sevisra (Empire in Flames, Dac City snapshotting)

Demi (Empire in Flames, Kuat Drive Yards screenplay)

Dustin Zoeller (Original music, Ord Mantell Junk Fields)

Scifi3D.com  (3d Coruscant artwork)

     Willi Hames

     Olivier Couston

Sytner (MtG, client tool designer)

Timbab (MtG, client tool designer, snapshotting)

The entire Mod the Galaxy Community

…and of course, the SWGEMU developers – what they have done allows all of this to be possible, and they have done incredible work!  Please support them with donations or project contributions if possible!


 Server Specs: