Sunrunner II is a Star Wars Galaxies EMU-based game server –
an attempt to create Galaxies “as it should have been.”


Takhomasak (Administrator, Developer, planet design) (e-mail)

Lasko (Developer, VM and repository architect, creator of our MtG TRE files, instance scripting, CU/NGE quest restoration)

Xerthan (Developer, world design, mobile design, new dungeons, new skills)

Zimbab (Developer, web design, CU/NGE quest restoration, world design, code) (e-mail)

RaiRaiTheRaichu (Developer, code, client work, asset design) (e-mail)

Server Specs:

Credits and Thanks:

Halyn (Empire in Flames, code, client work, scripting)

Dax (Script/quest contributor)

Phoenix (MtG/EiF, code and client work)

Gerin (website design)

Abi (Empire in Flames, scripting, assets (floor pack))

Aleshiea (armorsmith ideas and new components)

Borrie Bobaka (MtG, assets (wall pack))

Highborn (Consultant)

Tiars (SWGChoice)

Esquire (SWGChoice)

Savage (SWGRogueOne/Rehab, code and client work)

Progor (Relics of Corbantis, chat bot, launcher creator)

Lordphat (website work)

NetYoda (Sentinel’s Republic, website work)

Growl (extended badges code)

Wefi (Client file fixes)

Tehe (3D artwork, Amidala furniture)

Sevisra (Empire in Flames, Dac City snapshotting)

Demi (Empire in Flames, Kuat Drive Yards screenplay)

Dustin Zoeller (Original music, Ord Mantell Junk Fields)

Scifi3D.com (3d Coruscant artwork)

Willi Hames

Olivier Couston

Sytner (MtG, client tool designer)

Timbab (MtG, client tool designer, snapshotting)

The entire Mod the Galaxy Community

…and of course, the SWGEMU developers – what they have done allows all of this to be possible, and they have done incredible work! Please support them with donations or project contributions if possible!