Armor Crafting Changes

This is a rough list of changes I’ve kept as I’ve implemented the new system.  The goals of the new system are:

  1. –To make more armor sets viable.  That doesn’t mean making them all perfect, it means changing the standard slightly, and increasing each suit’s ability to be enhanced.  Each suit also brings a slightly different mix of protections to the table, now, and situational choices should be more important.
  2. –To make more looted armor components viable.  The lower level drops (the 1s on the list) will probably become slightly useless after the first year of the server’s life, and that’s alright.  The point of this system is to increase demand on creatures like Kimogilas, Grogillas, Acklay, Carax, Krayt Dragons, Nightsisters, etc.

Keep in mind when testing that the strengths of the armor pieces and the armor components can be adjusted as necessary to keep the standard fair to more armor types.  Also keep in mind that there are quirks/dynamics in the EMU code and SOE client that limit what we are able to control – without a complete recode of the crafting system.  Some of the individual sets’ quirks are intended to be used as a simple thing to differentiate their craft.  I’ve tried to both improve on and embrace the old system.

Other things to keep in mind:

All armor sets now have absolute specials and vulnerabilities.  Sets that come from quest/loot schematics (RIS, Infiltrator, BH) have fewer vulnerabilities and limitations.  Looted armor has not been balanced into the system yet.

All former looted layers and segments have been converted into segment enhancements

All segments require their layers and will only take specific components

All looted components only work for a specific type of armor

Some armor types require an enhancement for their segment (Bone, Chitin, Mabari – for technical reasons, and RIS, BH, and Infiltrator – to keep them a tier above the rest)

Some armors, like RIS, have separate experimentation lines for special and effectiveness

RIS special experimentation can go up to 84%

All Klikniks can drop both of their segments

Added RIS Smuggled Segments (from Norulacs), Hoth Mastodon Hides, and Cybernetic Research Layers as new looted segment enhancements for RIS, Wook, and Infiltrator Armor

New Segment Enhancement Assignements:
    Cybernetic Research Layer -> Cybernetic Infiltrator Armor Research Layer
      Used in: Infiltrator

    Smuggled RIS Segments
       Used in: RIS

    Nightsister Layer -> Nightsister Bounty Hunter Armor Shard Segments
       Used in: Bounty Hunter

    Krayt Dragon Composite Armor Segment*  Krayt Dragon Composite Armor Scale Segments*
        Used in: Composite 3

    Krayt Dragon Scale*  Krayt Dragon Bone Armor Scale Segments*
       Used In: Bone 3

    Acklay Hide*  Acklay Padded Armor Hide Segments
        Used in: Padded 3
    Carax Carapace* Carax Ubese Armor Carapace Segments
       Used in: Ubese 3

    Kimogila Scale Segment* Kimogila Tantel Armor Scale Segments*
        Used in: Tantel 3

    Kimogila Scales*  Kimogila Chitin A    rmor Scale Segments*
      Used In: Chitin 3

    Grogilla Scurf*  Grogilla Mabari Armor Scurf Segments
       Used in: Mabari 3

    Nightsister Shard*  Nightsister Ubese Armor Shards*
       Used In: Ubese 2

    Rancor Hide Segment*  Rancor Padded Armor Hide Segments*
        Used in: Padded 2

    Rancor Hide*  Rancor Composite Armor Hide Segments*
       Used In: Composite 2

    Janta Hide* Janta Chitin Armor Hide Segments*
       Used In: Chitin 2

    Hoth Mastodon Hide Segment
       Used in: Wook

    Fambaa Hide Segment* Fambaa Wookiee Armor Hide Segments*
        Used in: Wook
    Fambaa Hide*  Fambaa Mabari Armor Plate Segments*
        Used In: Mabari 2

    Reek Pelt*  Reek Tantel Armor Pelt Segments
       Used in: Tantel 2

    Voritor Lizard Hide Segment*  Voritor Bone Armor Hide Segments*
        Used in: Bone 2

    Voritor Lizard Scales*  Voritor Tantel Armor Scale Segments*
       Used In: Tantel 1

    Brackaset Plate Segment*  Brackaset Mabari Armor Plate Segments*
        Used in: Mabari 1

    Brackaset Plates*  Brackaset Ubese Armor Plate Segments*
        Used in: Ubese 1

    Kliknick Chitin Armor Segment*  Kliknik Chitin Armor Shell Segments*
        Used in: Chitin 1

    Reinforced Kliknik Shell*   Kliknik Bone Armor Shell Segments*
       Used In: Bone 1

    Sharnaff Plating Segment*  Sharnaff Padded Armor Plate Segments*
        Used in: Padded 1

    Sharnaff Plates*  Sharnaff Composite Armor Plate Segments*
       Used In: Composite 1

New Crafted Specials/Vulnerabilities:
    vulnerability = STUN + LIGHTSABER + BLAST,
    specialResists = ELECTRICITY + ENERGY + COLD,


    vulnerability = STUN + LIGHTSABER + BLAST,

    specialResists = ELECTRICITY + HEAT + KINETIC,


    vulnerability = STUN + LIGHTSABER + HEAT,

    specialResists = ELECTRICITY + ENERGY + KINETIC,


    vulnerability = STUN + LIGHTSABER + COLD,

    specialResists = ELECTRICITY + BLAST + KINETIC,


    vulnerability = STUN + LIGHTSABER + BLAST,

    specialResists = ELECTRICITY + HEAT + ENERGY,


    vulnerability = STUN + LIGHTSABER + HEAT,

    specialResists = ELECTRICITY + ENERGY + COLD,


    vulnerability = STUN + LIGHTSABER + COLD,

    specialResists = ELECTRICITY + HEAT + KINETIC,


    vulnerability = STUN + LIGHTSABER,

    specialResists = KINETIC + ELECTRICITY,

bounty hunter*

    vulnerability = STUN,

    specialResists = ELECTRICITY,


    vulnerability = STUN + LIGHTSABER,

    specialResists = ELECTRICITY,


ithorian defender* (padded)

    vulnerability = STUN + LIGHTSABER + COLD,

    specialResists = ACID + BLAST + KINETIC,

ithorian guardian* (chitin)

    vulnerability = STUN + LIGHTSABER + BLAST,

    specialResists = ELECTRICITY + HEAT + KINETIC,

ithorian sentinel* (composite)

    vulnerability = STUN + LIGHTSABER + HEAT,

    specialResists = FELECTRICIY + ENERGY + KINETIC,

kashyyyk black mtn*

    vulnerability = STUN + LIGHTSABER,

    specialResists = HEAT + ACID + KINETIC,

kashyyyk ceremonial*

    vulnerability = STUN + LIGHTSABER,

    specialResists = COLD + ACID + ENERGY,

kashyyyk hunting*

    vulnerability = STUN + LIGHTSABER,

    specialResists = ELECTRICITY + ENERGY + KINETIC,

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