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  • Four characters per account (one account allowed) and two online simultaneously max.
  • No ADKs or Resource Kits.
  • Armor effectiveness slices capped at 84% – all types require specific looted segments (which come in 3 tiers and are spread across the galaxy) and have generally improved outcomes.
  • No crafted Enhance Ds, Stimpack Es, or Poison/Disease Cs.
  • Resource stack sizes are 1,000,000, weapon Powerup crates at 100, all crafting components at 1000, storage per lot at 150.
  • Stun damage and protection removed from loot and crafting, placed in GCW/PvP reward system – vanilla PvP damage reduction reduced to 0.25 for stun weapons.
  • “Solo Grouping” works, and you may take up to four missions from a terminal.
  • Added YPR furniture rotation commands for decoration.
  • Migrate your own stats anywhere, anytime!
  • When you /deathblow a player in any circumstance, you gain visibility. After enough kills, you will appear on the Bounty Hunter terminals.
  • Running a race you’ve already won and setting a new record time will award you with a random Podracer deed (these have low hitpoints and burn up fast).
  • Craftable roads for Player Cities and greatly expanded city decoration options, citizenship requirements per rank are now 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 – and specialization costs have been cut in half.
  • Bazaar maximum listings increased to 50 and maximum listing price increased to 50,000, bazaar listing time increased to 14 days.
  • Group invites work from anywhere.
  • Watch/Listen range increased to 128m.
  • Hues/color palettes available on many new and old creatures, vehicles, furniture, and clothing. Clothing and Armor may be recolored by the wearer at will.
  • Added 10 new crafted droids and increased combat viability of all droids. Added extra active droid call on Production IV and Master Droid Engineer, for a total of 3 droids out at once. All chassis are learned at Master Droid Engineer, most deeds are looted from droid-centric dungeons and bosses.
  • Clothing stat mods will deactivate when condition reaches zero.
  • SEAs display stat name and number in item name.
  • Pet and vehicle call time reduced to 5 seconds.
  • Combatant status removed.
  • Smuggler Crates are a new item that Master Smugglers may purchase on Nova Orion Station for 1,000,000 cash, with two random rare items inside. Opening a crate will give the Smuggler a small amount of bounty visibility.
  • Art Crates are a new item that Novice Smugglers may purchase on Tansarii Point Station for 500,000 cash, containing two rare art pieces, with no bounty visibility.
  • All players receive an ARC-170 ship, with which they can instant travel to one of three space stations, every 5 minutes. These space stations offer shuttle travel to adjacent worlds, and some shortcuts and more expensive ‘charter’ flights.
  • An E-mail is now sent when an item is offered to one of your vendors.
  • Forage, Treasure Map, and Fishing loot tables expanded, many rares added – Treasure Map Guardians buffed.
  • You may restore (disabled) vehicles at any garage for 100,000 credits.
  • Access your Safety Deposit box from any bank terminal!
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