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The ARC-170 system is a personal transport players can use to easily traverse the galaxy. First you will need to become acquainted with the galactic map. This map can be pulled up at any time by typing in /ui action ticketPurchase and clicking the ‘Galactic Map’ tab.

There are three space stations that serve as a junction points for most of the planets available on SR2. You will notice most of the planets have a different color glow behind them (Red, Yellow, and Green). This corresponds to a space station of the same color. If you would like to travel to a planet you will need to take the ARC-170 to the station that corresponds to that planet's color.

Centerpoint Station - (Naboo, Corellia, Talus, Hoth, Rori, and Coruscant)

Tansarii Station - (Kuat, Taanab, Ord Mantell, Dantooine, and Dathomir)

Nova Orion Station - (Tatooine, Lok, Kashyyyk, Nal Hutta, and Mon Calamari)

To get started you must leave the limits of any Municipal Zone (City Limits). To do this just drive away from the city that you are in until you get the following notification (the name of the city will vary).

Once you have reached outside the city limits, you can proceed to call out your personal transport. New players will automatically have an ARC-170 in their datapad. Later on throughout the game you will loot or discover other ship deeds that you can use. These other ships add no other benefit than different cosmetics so don't feel as if you need to spend all your money getting one.

For veteran players returning to SR2 from before this system was implemented, contact Sammies in the SR2 discord or Sammies/Raene/Samave in-game to receive yours.

To call your personal transport open up your datapad, RIGHT click the ARC170 icon, and hover your cursor over the Hyperspace Coordinates option (Option 4). This will give you the choice of the 3 stations from above. Choose the one you are looking for and then LEFT click that station

Once you arrive on the station look for the ticket terminal. You can then use this terminal to purchase a ticket to your destination.

(Note: Only the planets accessible from the station you are on will open up. Meaning if you click on a planet and nothing happens it means you are on the wrong station. Unfortunately the fix to this is to land on one of the planets you can go to and then either wait for the cooldown to elapse or use the traditional method of travel from planet to planet)

Cooldown for the ARC170 Personal Travel System is 5 minutes

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