This server is funded by staff and by donations from users. We will never require or give benefits for donations, but they are much appreciated, and will help ensure our longevity. Monthly costs are $140. Donations to this site will only be used to pay the server host bill and domain expenses.

Yearly domain renewal cost is $155 in May. 


Donations have been shut down for the remainder of the year.  Despite making zero profit, despite all of the common sense evaluations that could be made of this project – the tax man considers it a business, and I’m (Takh) being taxed like a business – and my personal tax situation has become quite complicated as a result.   Fortunately for the players on Sunrunner II, the easiest solution is to accept no further donations, until at least 2022!   Thanks to all of you who have been so generous, myself and the rest of staff will continue to be creative and work hard to earn the faith that those donations represent!


February 2021
Available Funds