Known Issues

Everything should be up and running and ready for exploration/testing.

Known Issues:

New player species may still be restricted from using some items.  Report them in Discord and I’ll fix them!

I’m working on getting the elevator terminals installed in Echo Base.

Echo Base can cause a number of bugs.  Be prepared to make a new character if you get stuck.  The best way is to use the teleport NPC at the Scavenger Starport to get there, don’t exit through the main Hangar onto Hoth, but use the Exit NPC in the back of the Hangar to return to the starport.   Solutions will take time and testing, but it’s state now is light years ahead of where it was a few months ago.

Snowspeeder has no cockpit.

Coloring new vehicles will probably not work.

Some textures don’t have the appropriate reflective or glowing effect (like the Koro-2 Speeder).  This is just a matter of me sorting out which CU/NGE effects to import, one by one.

The AT-RT legs don’t animate.  This is a tough one but I’m working on it.

The stats on new items and NPCs are by no means set at this point.



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