Known Issues

Everything should be up and running and ready for exploration/testing.

Known Issues:

Mustafar just crashes occasionally.  Reload your client once or twice to fix.

New player species may still be restricted from using some items.  Report them in Discord and I’ll fix them!

Invisible Generic Armor Helmet will show as a ? box in your inventory.  I just haven’t made an icon yet.

Cybernetics are not yet a proven technology – if you are equipping them with armor/clothing, there can be bugs.  If you appear to ‘lose’ a piece of armor or clothing while equipping/unequipping cybernetics, restart your client to make it reappear in your inventory.

Any resources from before February 13th’s resource update will be invalid in your inventory.  Just delete them.  Apologies, price of progress.

Snowspeeder and Republic Gunship have no cockpit.

Coloring new vehicles and armor will probably not work.

Some textures don’t have the appropriate reflective or glowing effect (like the Koro-2 Speeder).  This is just a matter of me sorting out which CU/NGE effects to import, one by one.

The stats on new items and NPCs are by no means set at this point.



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