Thank you for your interest in  Sunrunner II!

Setup is of easy to moderate difficulty at this stage.  There will be a launcher available soon.

Step #1

If you do not already have SWGEMU (Basilisk) installed,

Go to :

SWGEmu Installation Guide

and follow the instructions there.

As with all SWG EMU servers, Sunrunner II requires a legal commercial copy of Star Wars: Galaxies to connect and play.

Step #2

Find your SWGEMU (Basilisk) game directory – (Settings -> Options on the SWGEMU Launchpad)

At this point you will want to make any custom graphics settings through the SWGEMU Launchpad.  They will be carried over from there.

Make a copy of your SWGEMU game folder and place it anywhere you like, name it anything you like (Sunrunner II, SWGSunrunner II, etc)

Step #3

Download the Mod the Galaxy TRE files:


Download the Sunrunner II custom ZIP:

<Sunrunner II TRE&CFG>

Extract the ZIP files into your new SWG Sunrunner II directory *one at a time* and *in order* (MTG –> Sunrunner II), overwrite when prompted.

Step #4

Start the game by running SWGEmu.exe (might want to create a shortcut and name it Sunrunner II).

Step #5

Enter any username and password to create an account, it will be permanent.  Auto-registration is on.

Step #6

If you cannot connect to the server, or crash on launch, check to make sure you extracted the ZIP into the correct directory.



New instances/dungeons may crash upon entry, to fix this, run the swgclientsetup EXE in your game client directory, and select the option to ‘disable world preloading’

Please do us both a favor and turn your graphics settings up ingame (Control+O), so you can enjoy my creations, and this beautiful game as they were meant to be seen!  Additionally, make sure the ‘bloom’ checkbox is left unchecked for now, as this can cause some rather intense lighting effects.

Expect account and character wipes from time to time during this initial public test.  
Just make a new account if this happens, or if you get bugged.

‘Bluefrog’ Character Builder terminals will remain available until all content is tested and stabilized for launch.

And keep in mind, this is a test phase.