Thank you for your interest in  Sunrunner II!


Step #1

Sunrunner II is built on SWGEMU and requires the base game installed.

If you do not already have SWGEMU (Basilisk) installed,

Go to :

SWGEmu Installation Guide

and follow the instructions there.

As with all SWG EMU servers, Sunrunner II requires a legal commercial copy of Star Wars: Galaxies to connect and play.


Step #2

Download the Sunrunner II Launcher.

On the ‘Settings’ page of the launcher, click ‘Browse’ to select the folder you wish to install our client to – it’s set to C:/SWGSunrunner2 by default.  Do not install it into Program Files (x86) – for some reason, this causes problems. 

Next, click ‘Install from SWG’ and direct it to your SWGEMU install folder (not the SWGEMU Launcher, but the folder containing the swgemu.exe client).  The launcher will then download our custom assets and copy the SWG game client into the new folder.  When it is completed – the ‘Play’ button will be selectable.  File downloads are around 5gb, so be patient.  (Don’t worry, the calculations are a bit unstable during the download)


Step #3

Please register an account here, then use those credentials on the login screen ingame.



New instances/dungeons may crash upon entry, to fix this, run ‘Game Settings’ from the launcher, or the swgclientsetup EXE in your game client directory, and select the option to ‘disable world preloading’

Please do us both a favor and turn your graphics settings up ingame (Control+O), so you can enjoy my creations, and this beautiful game as they were meant to be seen!  Be sure to check the ‘bloom’ box to enjoy extended effects.

Our launcher distributes a modified user.cfg file that allows our custom content to work without crashing the pre-CU client as often.  If you have a custom user.cfg – simply merge them after running your launcher for an update – and then run the game from the EXE.  Keep a copy of your custom user.cfg saved on the side, to do this every time you update.  Even I have to do this sometimes, it only takes a few seconds.