Known Issues

Known Issues:

Any issues present in the latest SWGEMU code will also be present here.  Among those most known to us:
 – Losing resources from harvestors after a server reset.  I will do my best to always give a day’s notice, so that you may clear your hoppers and minimize the chances of this affecting you.
 – Occasionally appearing to lose items from your inventory or datapad.  Simply log out and back in, or fully shut down the game client and restart it to solve 90% of these cases.

Moving items for decoration in your home may be more difficult in player cities with the new decorations available.  To target and /move an item that’s giving you the “which item did you want to move” error – simply stand right on top of it and type /move <first full word of the item’s name>  – and it will select the closest item to you with that name.  This works even if the first word of an item’s name is “A.”  This is just a sacrifice we must make to have the expanded player city options.

Mustafar takes longer than average to load, and just crashes occasionally on load.  Reload your client once or twice to fix. Kashyyyk also just takes a long time to load.

 New player species may still be restricted from using some items – and may not benefit from Image Designer abilities.  Working on this one.

 Invisible Armor Helmet will show as a ? box in your inventory.  I just haven’t made an icon yet.

Cybernetics are not yet a proven technology – if you are equipping them with armor/clothing, there can be bugs.  If you appear to ‘lose’ a piece of armor or clothing while equipping/unequipping cybernetics, restart your client to make it reappear in your inventory.

Some textures don’t have the appropriate reflective or glowing effect (like the Koro-2 Speeder).  This is just a matter of me sorting out which CU/NGE effects to import, one by one.

You can fall off the catwalk at KDY.  I have built escapes for most of those eventualities, but if you get stuck anywhere, best bet is to send us a message in Discord.

When in doubt: relog.