Multiple Accounts

To apply for an exception to our account rules for multiple players/accounts in a single household/IP address, follow this procedure:


  1. Take a picture that includes each account holder, holding a clearly visible, individual copy of Star Wars Galaxies (Sunrunner II requires a legal copy of Star Wars Galaxies to play.  This can be any full release of the game, but not an expansion disc, free trial disc, or beta disc).
  2. E-mail this image with the exact name of each planned account to

Go ahead and create the first account, and await approval for the rest.

Any images sent to this address, for this purpose, will be kept in mail attachment form and only used for reference.  I realize this is a personal step to take – but we must keep this project within the legal boundaries defined by the agreement between SWGEMU and the owners of the game property itself.

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