New Armor and Clothing

Wearable name …  source (on Blue Frog if no source listed)

Armor sets:

Invisible Generic Armor Helmet              (for new species with head clipping issues)  

Imperial Shock Trooper        Faction Recruiter

Imperial Scout Trooper        Faction Recruiter

Imperial Snow Trooper        Faction Recruiter

Imperial Officer Chest Plate        Faction Recruiter

Imperial Crusader          Faction Recruiter

Imperial Clone Trooper

Neutral Clone Trooper        Schematic

Infiltrator style 1&2            Schematic (quest at Rori, Rebel Outpost)

Galactic Marine          Faction Recruiter

Marauder style 12&3            Marauder, Norulac Raider loot drop

Rebel Clone Trooper   

Rebel Crusader          Faction Recruiter

Rebel Assault                Faction Recruiter

Rebel Battle                Faction Recruiter

Rebel Marine (full set)            Faction Recruiter

Rebel SpecForce          Faction Recruiter

Rebel Snow Trooper            Faction Recruiter

Bounty Hunter Armor         Schematic, Black Sun loot drop


Nightsister Backpack        Loot, Nightsisters

Singing Mountain Clan Backpack        Loot, SMC Witches

Galactic Marine Backpack

Hutt Backpack

Krayt Skull Backpack          Loot, Colossal Krayt Dragon

Rebel Ace Backpack            Faction Recruiter

Imperial Ace Backpack        Faction Recruiter

Neutral Ace Backpack

Rebel Snow Backpack        Faction Recruiter

Snowtrooper Backpack        Faction Recruiter

Tauntaun Skull Backpack     Loot, Taun Taun Matriarch

Rebel Endor Backpack        Faction Recruiter

Sandtrooper Backpack        Faction Recruiter

Chiss Poacher Backpack

Yoda Backpack

C3PO Backpack


Cybernetic Headband          Loot Schem, Cloud City dungeon

Lando’s Cape          Loot Schem, Cloud City dungeon

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