New Looted Enhancements

New looted weapon enhancements:

  • Wampa Femur (similar to Acklay Bones, but with armor stats as well)
  • Wampa Jaw (Similar to Rancor Teeth)
  • Kimogila Tissue (ranged blaster power handler tissue balanced for medium damage, low stack size)
  • Grogilla Tissue (ranged blaster power handler tissue balanced for low damage, high stack size)
  • Singing Mountain Clan Vibro Unit (lower damage, higher durability)
  • Spiderclan Vibro Unit (medium damage, high accuracy)

New looted armor enhancements:

  • Carax Carapace : Acid, Cold, Integrity
  • Reek Pelt : Acid, Heat, Encumbrance
  • Grogilla Scurf : Special
  • Cybernetic Research Layer (lootable Layer, not an Enhancement) : Special

New looted pharmaceutical enhancements:

                Carax Venom (similar to spider venom)

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