Newly Updated Pre-CU Tamables

Improved/Rebalanced and new rare tamable vanilla creatures:

Acklay, added tamable Lesser Acklay

Arachne Widow

Blurrg (Mountable)

Bolle Bol (Mountable)

Bolma (Mountable)

Bordok (Mountable)

Bull Rancor (New model)

Bull Sharnaff

Deranged Mantigrue (Mountable)

Enraged Reptilian Flier

Eopie (Mountable)

Fambaa (Rare, Mountable)

Feral Gurk

Frenzied Graul

Gaping Spider Queen

Giant Crystal Snake

Giant Sand Beetle

Graul (Mountable)

Graul Mauler

Great Plains Stalker

Greater Sludge Panther (mountable)

Gronda (Mountable)

Gualama (Mountable)

Guf Drolg (Mountable)

Gulginaw (Mountable)

Gurreck (mountable)

Kai Tok (Mountable)

Kimogila (Mountable)

Kliknik (Mountable)

Kwi (Mountable)

Lantern Bird (Mountable)

Malignant Squill

Mantigrue Screecher

Merek Assassin

Merek Deaths Head

Peko Peko (Mountable)

Perlek (Mountable)

Piket (Mountable)

Rancor (Mountable)

Reptilian Flier, Ancient Reptilian Flier (mountable)

Ronto (Mountable)

Savage Guf Drolg

Savage Pugoriss

Snorbal (Mountable)

Thune (Mountable)

Torton Colossus

Whisper Bird (Mountable)

Wild Dune Boar

Wrix, Grand Wrix (mountable)

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