Patch Notes


New Planet Resources, Hoth Missions, New Weapon Component


Added all resources to Kashyyyk, Kuat, Ord Mantell, and Nal Hutta.  Added everything but flora resources to Hoth and Mustafar.

Added a mission terminal to Hoth with creature missions.

Added Wampa Jaw looted weapon components (use like Rancor Teeth).

Added Cybernetic Resuscitation Arm.

Fixed a few bugs with crafted vehicles, Exar Kun instance – and rebalanced Rebel Snow Trooper loot table.

Added collision for Echo Base shield generator.



Heroic Keys, New Weapon Schematics, Skill Point Changes!


Non-combat profession skill point cost reduced by 50%


Added keys for many heroics and dungeons:

Axkva Min keys drop from Nightsister Elders

Exar Kun keys drop from Hutt Expeditionary Forces on Yavin

IG-88 keys drop from elite Canyon Corsairs, Bloodrazors, and Nym Pirates and Guards

ISD keys drop from Snow Troopers

Avatar keys drop from Trandoshan Slavers

The rest are on the blue frogs!


Added a chance to drop a 5-use schematic instead of a looted weapon for:

Blacksun Razor Knuckler (Black Suns)

Mustafar Bandit Sword (HK-47)

2-Handed Sith Sword (Exar Kun)

Cryo Lance (Avatar Scalelords, Guards)

Proton Rifle (Lord Cyssc, Avatar)

Geonosian Drill (Crazed Geo Guards, Geo Cave)

Proton Carbine (Lord Cyssc, Avatar)

Geonosian Carbine (Crazed Geo Guards, Geo Cave)

Deathhammer Pistol (Elite Stormtroopers, Rebel Corvette)

UR-G8 Pistol (Lord Cyssc, Avatar)

These weapons can all be enhanced!


Added all as-yet-unused loot schematics to the blue frog (vehicles, houses)



More Mustafar


Added instanced Decrepit and Working Droid Factories, and Old Research Facility to Mustafar – no spawns yet

Added walls around Mustafar terrain and HK-47 ‘instance’

Added more droids to HK-47’s army

Generally improved some graphics and environment on Mustafar



Terrain, Travel, Quest Updates


Significantly upgraded Nal Hutta and Ord Mantell terrains, and added POIs.  There are also spawns now on Ord Mantell, and a cloning facility.

Added Lasko’s Mos Eisley speeder quest (start with Majolnir just outside the starport), and Varactyl kill quest (talk to Ortha Ledox around 550, -650 on Kashyyyk).



PvP Battleground, Commando weapons, Wearable fixes


Added GCW spawns to Stronghold, Corellia.  The spawns shift with planetary control, and with them comes a GCW Quartermaster that sells faction armor variants (and exotics, coming soon).  Entering this area will instantly flag you for PvP, so beware! (the POI waypoint is outside of the PvP zone)

Fixed effects and added Lava Cannon, Heavy Crusader Rifle, and Heavy CR1 Blast Cannon to bluefrog.

Added Lava Cannon to HK-47 loot table.

Fixed wearable appearances for Crusader Armor, Battle Worn Faction Armor, and TCG wearables, added all species to lists.

Removed stun layers from Armorsmith schematics.

Changed Jawa Ion Rifle damage type to electricity.

Stun protection and damage are now nearly exclusive to faction recruiters and vendors.  More PvP weapons and armor will be added as more PvP Battlegrounds are installed on more planets.



Overhauls, Updates, Upgrades


Updated SWGEmu code slightly.

Added craftable Infiltrator Armor schematics.

Added many new items to the bluefrog – ROTW decoration rewards, many paintings, TCG items, cybernetics, collection rewards, and more!


-Added Rryatt Trails (Level 3 is under construction) – if you follow the trails, there are teleporters to the next section (and back to the previous)

-Added spawns to Myyydril Caverns and Kachirho area

-Added full spawn map to Avatar station, and Wookiee Freedom Fighter faction


-Added spawns to Mensix Mining Facility


-Added test and concept area, removed placeholder


-Added Kuat City, Gardens POI

Ord Mantell:

-Significantly upgraded terrain


-Fixed improperly coded areas, removed trees from ocean, removed high mountain zone, expanded forest.

Imperial Star Destroyer Heroic:

-Added full spawn map, elevator terminals (so one may now access the boss!)

Nova Orion Station:

-Added full spawn map

Tatooine, Corellia, Naboo:

-Added NGE features



New Planets, Instanced Heroics


Added Mon Calamari, Kuat, Myrkr, Wayland, Kessel, Tralus, Ghomrassen, and Ord Mantell to the travel terminals – they are in varying states of completion.

The Avatar Platform, Axkva Min Lair, Exar Kun Tomb, IG-88 Arena, ISD, and Sher Kar’s lair are now instanced dungeons.  More to come, thanks to Lasko for the amazing scripting!





Fixed AT-RT animation.  (Thanks, Halyn!)  This paves the way for a few more walkers and mechanical vehicles in the future.

Fixed string names for Single Pod Air Speeder, Mouf.

Planetary maps disabled on Bespin and Dagobah.

Put more instance framework in place.



GCW Rank update, Extended Armor Appearances, and Looted Schematics!


Added extended ranks to Rebel and Imperial factions, from Brigadier General up to Surface Marshall!

Added Ithorian and Wookiee appearances to Galactic Marine and Infiltrator armor types.

Added an Invisible Generic Armor Helmet for all species to wear.  This is mainly for the strange-headed new playable species, but it can be an option to show your face in combat and remain protected on any species.

Added looted schematics for all new houses and vehicles.

Geonosian Guards, Corvette NPCs, Black Suns, Norulacs, Marauders, Spiderclan Elders, Feral Wookiees, the Death Watch Overlord, and all heroic bosses drop new looted weapons, armor, and schematics.  I will make a detailed loot list further down the road. 

Increased credit and faction rewards, armor and weapon reward stats in Rebel, Imperial, Nym’s, Jabba’s, Valarian, and Marauder themeparks.  Re-placed Luke Skywalker and Jan Dodonna in the Exar Kun Temple and removed Cultists for now, the structure is open to any player still, regardless of Rebel Themepark quest permission.

Prepared many new items for proliferation in the world through quests, loot, and crafting schematics.  It’s all falling into place!



New Planets, Travel UI, Mounts, and more!


Added Bespin, Dagobah, Coruscant – updated Taanab, Hoth, Nal Hutta, Kashyyyk

New Travel UI:  Galaxy Map is much larger, there are NEW travel routes (they’re not drawn on the map yet, so look at the drop down menu – some may have CHANGED)

New Mounts: Lava Fleas, Kashyyyk Banthas, and Moufs.  Also added Kwi and Snorbal, but they have some graphics issues…

HEALING REVAMP:  Doctor profession elimnated – enhancement pack crafting has been moved to Medic, enhance ability moved to Master Medic.  Doctor state and DoT healing abilities, and high level stimpack crafting have been moved to Combat Medic.  Ranged Support prerequisite has been removed for Novice Combat Medic.  Enhance Pack D has been removed.

Added cloning points to all planets, zones, and instances.  Added bluefrogs to all planets and Nova Orion.

Avatar Platform is now mostly populated with Blackscales, Lord Cyssc is the boss.  Trandoshan Hunting Rifle, Trandoshan Suppressor Pistol, Trandoshan Skinning Knife, and other unique loots have been added.  Transport is still from the parked ship on Kashyyyk (near 500,500).

Imperial Star Destroyer transport is now from the Scavenger starport on Hoth, and Admiral Sait is the new boss, on the bridge.  Added old Heroic ISD weapons and a unique sword to loot.

Echo Base now has a door covering the hangar bay, entrance is only from the NPC at the Scavenger starport.  General Rieekan has been added as a boss, on the command level.  Command level elevator is in the Med bay (the room you start in), as well as the ‘Exit Dungeon’ NPC.

HK-47 Army instance is now accessible from just outside the front door of Mensix, by the Sher Kar teleporter.  HK-47’s army isn’t large yet, but he’s not alone.

Nova Orion Station can be reached from teleport NPCs in the ‘star map’ rooms of the Coronet and Mos Eisley starports, and the Theed hangar (right side).  From Nova Orion, you may travel to any adventure planet, plus Lok, which is the nearest planet.

Added the Bespin Single Pod Air Speeder to the bluefrog.

Added 1-handed swords, a couple more ranged weapons, faction houses to ‘installations’ menus, and faction BARCs to ‘equipment’ menus on faction recruiters.

Set resource stack sizes to 1,000,000.

Updated to EMU ‘Pub 9,’ so FS Village and Corvette are working.

Planet updates:

Bespin – added Cloud City, ‘Core’ bunker.  Accessible from Hoth, Endor.

Dagobah – added the base terrain, Yoda and Obi-Wan are there if you can find them.  Mynocks and Snakes spawn.  Accessible only from Hoth or Nova Orion.

Coruscant – this is Levarris’ version, made public in the MTG assets I use as a base.  I have activated it as a placeholder until I make my own.  It’s got four districts and is fun!  No quests or enemies or housing or resources there.  Just for exploration and maybe RP at this point.

Taanab – terrain fixes, grass doesn’t grow on cliffs now, and it does grow around the ocean, up to the beach now.  Added many of the original SOE-designed mountains back.

Hoth – added two more mountain regions, re-mixed rock and snow shaders in all mountain regions.  Added Mynocks, Crystal Snakes to planetary spawns.  Added dynamic Rebel and Imperial Snow Trooper camps in the wilds.

Nal Hutta – added a few static items, a few new landforms, new generic planetary map.

Kashyyyk – added Feral Wookiees to world spawns, added a static Kkorrwrot spawn in Hracca Glade.  Fixed the Wroshyr  tree collision issues for good (I hope!).

Added new music to Taanab, Dagobah, and Coruscant.





Axkva Min loot updated, includes Obsidian Swords and Nightsister Biceps.

Death Watch Bunker loot updated, Battle Droids now drop E5 Carbines, and have a much smaller chance to drop ‘nothing’ now, along with Super Battle Droids.  All Black Sun NPCs now have a chance to drop the Razor Knuckler, as well as a slightly increased chance to drop BH armor and Jetpack bases.

Exar Kun NPCs balanced and loot updated, includes Massassi weapons, ‘Sith House’ deed.  All Cultists now have standard loot, and those inside the tomb have a chance to drop the Massassi Knuckler and 1-handed Massassi Sword.

Geonosian Bunker NPCs and loot updated.  Acklay and Fire Spider difficulty modified slightly again (still way harder than standard).  Geonosian Drill quality improved, White Cubes removed from loot tables.

IG-88 NPCs balanced and loot updated, includes Intimidator Pistol, DP-23 Rifle, Republic SFOR Carbine, Magnaguard Staff, and Blasterfist.  NPCs aggro immediately on entry.

NK-Necrosis drops the ‘Hangar House’ deed, BARC deed, Magnaguard Staff, and a brown Bane’s Heart.  These are mostly placeholders – Myyydril is vast and needs a total revamp.

Wampa Caves – reinstated Wampa Femur weapon component drops on the Giant Wampa.

Taanab – Norulac Raider Captains have a chance to drop Fallann Hyper-Rifles, Bothan Bola Carbines, and Renegade Pistols – all Norulacs can drop all three sets of Marauder Armor.

Attempted to balance many looted weapon stats.  Weapons looted from Heroics should have a greater chance of being superior, have higher condition, and are worth much more on junk vendors. 



Client Fixes


Fixed a number of client issues:

Fixed the Proton Rifle.

Varactyls make the right sounds now.

Galactic Marine Armor appears correctly on females and non-humanoid species, also the Stormtrooper Officer Chestplate has a female appearance now.

Fixed the Kashyyyk desert environment transition.

Fixed Necrosis’ sounds.

Fixed the windows on the Generic Medium Window House.

Fixed a few weapon effects.

Fixed string names for Senate Pod and Hover Chair deeds.



Mustafar, Dungeon Updates


Added Mustafar.

Added Nova Orion Station.

Updated travel UI, planet infrastructure in preparation for future additions.

Fixed some stats, spelling errors, spawning issues.

Added Necrosis boss to Myyydril Caverns, as well as an escape teleporter at the end of the cave.

Added Sher Kar Cave and Sher Kar boss.

Review of access to new zones:

     -Nova Orion Station may be accessed from the ‘starship terminal room’ in Mos Eisley Starport (it’s to the right)

     -Mustafar may be flown to from Nova Orion Station.

     -Heroics:  Axkva Min: bottom of the NS Stronghold Cave

                       IG-88: outside Nym’s Stronghold main building

                       Exar Kun: bottom of Exar Kun’s Temple on Yavin

                       ISD: by the shuttle at Emperor’s Retreat on Naboo

                       Echo Base:  at the Scavenger Starport on Hoth (or just head north/northwest)

     -Myyydril Caverns is open @ approximately -1800, 1800 on Kashyyyk

     -Sher Kar Cave may be accessed via teleporter outside Mensix Mining Facility on Mustafar

     -Fly to Hoth, Taanab, Kashyyyk, or Nal Hutta from Corellia.

(all of these travel routes and methods are subject to change in the near future)



Re-Organization, Some Fixes, Updates


Opened a public git repo for Sunrunner II.

Fixed craftable vehicle schematics at Master Artisan.

Fixed Nerf mount issues (working on a more elegant solution)

Updated Kashyyyk terrain file, more trees are now collidable and none should cause a client crash.

New Player Species will no longer cause crashes.

The Exar Kun Temple and Tomb are now populated with Cultists and other deadly spirits.  The Rebel Themepark NPCs at the Temple have been placed out front.  (much refinement to come here)

The IG-88 Heroic is populated and being scripted, currently the basic mechanics are in place but the fight isn’t well tuned.



Mod the Galaxy TRE Merger


Every single item, NPC, and creature from post-14 SWG should now be available.  Many previous issues have been fixed as well.

This merge is mostly stable, but I’m still having database issues with the new species.  Be prepared to lose new species characters until this is stabilized.



New Playable Species, Kashyyyk Terrain, UI, and Planetary Travel Map


Added many new playable species, thanks to Halyn of Empire in Flames

Greatly improved Kashyyyk terrain detail, added trail system between POIs, and added POIs themselves (still no proper planetary map)

Moved the planets to more logical positions on the galactic travel map



Kashyyyk Terrain Testing, more world objects and fixes


A taste of what’s to come on Kashyyyk…

The areas around the bitmaps, and some of the bitmaps themselves have been blended better.  More to come.  The W/NW is an ocean/sea with tropical islands in the middle, the NE is a desert, the SE is a deep old growth forest, there is the start of an NPC city at -2000, 0, and there are several unique land forms and areas spread about.



New Creatures, NPCs, and Kashyyyk world objects


Added many world objects back to the original Kashyyyk maps. 

Added the following creatures and NPCs:

Uller (Kashyyyk)

Urnsoris (Kashyyyk)

Walluga (Kashyyyk)

Webweaver (Kashyyyk)

Blistmok (Nal Hutta)

Jundak (Nal Hutta)

Lava Flea (Nal Hutta)

Tanray (Nal Hutta)

Tulrus (Nal Hutta)

Xandank (Nal Hutta)




CWW8 Battle Droid

8T88 Droid



Heroic/Dungeon system implementation


The dungeon teleporters have been removed from Nal Hutta and placed into the worlds where they belong.  They will be populated with bosses, quests and more soon!

Axkva Min can be accessed at the bottom of the cave at the Nightsister Stronghold

Exar Kun’s Tomb can be accessed from the back side of Exar Kun’s Temple

IG-88’s Factory Arena can be accessed from an NPC standing in front of Nym’s Stronghold

Imperial Star Destroyer can be accessed from the shuttle at the Emperor’s Retreat on Naboo

Echo Base can be travelled to by speeder or foot, or shuttled to from the Scavenger Starport on Hoth

Avatar Station can be accessed from the ship landed at the Trando Slaver camp near Kachirho on Kashyyyk



Looted Weapons and Armor rebalance, Taun Taun color fix


Taun Tauns are blue now.

Adjusted looted weapon damage, damage type, and armor penetration.

Many new looted weapon types will be comparable in strength to the ‘old standards’ now.

The Geonosian Drill or AK-Prime Rifle now drops in the Geo Bunker.  Also slightly increased Solidifying Agent damage.

The Axkva Min Heroic teleporter has been placed at the bottom of the cave at the Nightsister Stronghold.  Once you enter and engage Axkva, several Protectors will spawn to guard her, so be careful.  Her loot table has been expanded to include 1 and 2-handed Obsidian swords, and Nightsister Biceps.  Additionally, Nighsister Energy Lances have had their armor penetration changed to ‘medium.’



Mount Fix (Again) and Kashyyyk World Building


Taun Tauns will mount now (they’re still green).

Added most of the world objects back to Kkowir Forest and the Hunting Grounds.



Looted Weapons and Acklay


Added many new weapons to the existing loot tables, stats may need further balancing.

Made the Acklay into a real boss, and a world boss.  3 should always be spawned on Yavin.

Doubled chance for stats to drop on weapons.  All stats will be weapon-appropriate.

Increased number of Pets and Vehicles in datapad for testing.



Marauder Armor and Weapon Balance


Marauder Armor has better stats and is colorable now, it drops from Norulac Raiders.

Many weapons have had damage type and armor penetration stats changed.

Faction Recruiter weapons and armor have had a slight price change.



Mounts and Draft Schematics


Nerfs are now mountable, and Taun Tauns are almost there.

The Air-2 Swoop, Flare S-Swoop, AB-1, V-35, and USV5 speeders are now craftable at Master Artisan



Tester Quality-of-Life and Armor Re-Balance Test


Increased process rate on clothing/armor factories.

Factories are buildable on Taanab.

Armor stats after slicing are now hard capped at 85%.



Tester Quality-of-Life


Fixed the one broken style of human female hair.

Fixed the broken Commando House and Mustafar Bunker effects.

Fixed the ISD (I think).

Added Naboo Civic Structures as buildable on Taanab – which is ready for player cities.

Made all new house deeds require only 1 lot.



Pet Fix

Fixed Kashyyyk tamables,  Varactyls and Bolotaurs should mount now.

Upped pet growth speed for testing.



Bluefrog, Planets, Dungeons Stable

Taanab, Hoth, Nal Hutta, and Kashyyyk accessible via Corellian starports.

Nal Hutta starport contains teleportation NPCs to access each dungeon.

POIs, planetary map, spawns, resources, missions -stable.
Nerf mounts need fixed.
Needs Quests, overall detail.

POIS, planetary map, spawns stable.
If you go to Echo Base, prepare for some bugs.  Best way is teleport from Nal Hutta.
Taun Taun mounts need fixed.
Needs more design/detail.
Watch out for storms.

Nal Hutta:
WIP, just a testing area for now.
Buggy dungeon at -1000, 6000.  
Burned forest at -4000, 0.
Tar Pits at 3000, -3000.
Volcano environment test at 5000, 5000.

WIP, extremely early version of OPEN WORLD Kashyyyk.
Features all original Kashyyyk maps integrated into a newly designed world, spread around central map in jungle.
Many spawns work.
Kashyyyk Tree Houses may be placed.

Added Dungeons/Instances:
Imperial Star Destroyer
IG-88 Encounter
Exar Kun’s Tomb
Axkva Min Encounter
Avatar Station
Echo Base
Myyydril Caverns
“Rebel Fuel Depot”
Taanab Black Sun Shipwreck
Taanab Norulac Raider Cave
Hoth Wampa Caves

Added NPCs/Creatures: 
Nerf, Male & Female (tamable)
Grassland Nerf (tamable)
Ambrian Staga, Male & Female
Norulac Raiders
Gigantic Wampa
Taun Taun (tamable)
Rebel Snow Soldier
Rebel Snow Officer
Rebel Echo Base Pilot
Kashyyyk Bantha (not tamable yet)
Varactyl (tamable, mountable)
Bolotaur (tamable, mountable)
Sher Kar
Sher Kar Lava Hatchlings
Lando Calrissian

Added Loot:
Wampa Femurs (Gigantic Wampa, Weaponsmith)
E-Web Rifle (Snowtrooper)

Added to faction recruiters-
Re-balanced Factional Armor and Weapons

Added to Bluefrog-

XP38 Landspeeder
AB-1 Landspeeder
V35 Landspeeder
USV5 Landspeeder
Lava Skiff
Desert Skiff
Air-2 Racing Swoop
BARC Speeder
Rebel BARC Speeder
Imperial BARC Speeder
Geonosian Speeder
Hover Lifter
Organa Speeder
Mechno Chair
Sith Speeder
Swamp Speeder
STAP Speeder
FG 8T8 Pod Racer
Balta Pod Racer
Longtail Pod Racer
Gasgano Pod Racer
Mawhonic Pod Racer
Anakin’s Pod Racer
Basilisk War Droid
Flare S-Swoop
XJ6 Speeder
Koro-2 Airspeeder

House Deeds:
AT AT House
Bespin Cloud House
Commando Bunker
Emperor’s Spire
Jabba’s Sail Barge
Jedi House
Mustafarian Bunker
NS Hut
Rebel Spire
Relaxation House
Sandcrawler House
Sith House
SM Hut
Kashyyyk Tree House
Vehicle Garage
VIP Bunker
Yoda House
YT 1300 House
Naboo Small Window
Tatooine Small Window
Generic Small Window 1
Generic Small Window 2
Generic Medium Window 1
Generic Medium Window 2
Generic Large Window 1
Generic Large Window 2

Singing Mountain Clan Backpack
Galactic Marine Backpack
Hutt Backpack
Krayt Skull Backpack
Rebel Ace Backpack
Imperial Ace Backpack
Neutral Ace Backpack
Rebel Snow Backpack
Snowtrooper Backpack
Tauntaun Skull Backpack
Rebel Endor Backpack
Sandtrooper Backpack
Chiss Poacher Backpack

Imperial Shock Trooper
Imperial Scout Trooper
Imperial Snow Trooper
Imperial Crusader
Imperial Clone Trooper
Neutral Clone Trooper
Infiltrator style 1&2
Galactic Marine
Marauder style 12&3
Rebel Clone Trooper
Rebel Assault
Rebel Battle
Rebel Marine (full set)
Rebel Spec Ops
Rebel Snow Trooper

Blacksun Razor Knuckler
Massassi Knuckler
Katarn Knuckler
Metal Fan
PvP Knuckler
Exar Kun Massassi Sword
PvP Sword
Sith Sword
Massassi Sword
Obsidian Sword
Tulrus Sword
Fallan Hyper-Rifle
Alliance Gauss Rifle
DC15 Rifle
Deathtrooper Rifle
Geonosian Drill
LD1 Rifle
Mandalorian Rifle
Proton Rifle
Trandoshan Hunting Rifle
Jinkins J1 Rifle
A280 Rifle
Eweb Rifle
Massassi Ink Rifle
Imperial PvP Rifle
Rebel PvP Rifle
Westar M5 Rifle
DP23 Rifle
Mustafar Disruptor Rifle
Naktra Crystal Rifle
TC22 Rifle
Berserker Rifle
Cryo Lance
Electric Polearm
Kaminoan Staff
Kashyyyk Staff
Massassi Polearm
Shock Lance
Magna Guard Staff
Obsidian Lance
Xandank Lance
Wookiee Lance
Trando Lance
Poison Spike
Alliance Disruptor Pistol
Flechette Pistol
Intimidator Pistol
Ion Stunner Pistol
Jawa Pistol
KYD21 Pistol
Mandalorian Pistol
Trando Suppressor Pistol
URG8 Pistol
DD6 Pistol
Deathhammer Pistol
Flare Pistol
Heroic SD Pistol
Imperial PvP Pistol
Rebel PvP Pistol
Renegade Pistol
Westar 34 Pistol
Ion Relic Pistol
Disruptor Pistol
Wookiee Bowcaster Pistol
Mustafar Bandit Sword
Obsidian Sword
Acid Sword
Junti Mace
Mandalorian Sword
Marauder Sword
Massassi Sword
RSF Sword
Wookiee Sword
Alliance Needler Carbine
Bothan Bola Carbine
Czerka Dart Carbine
E5 Carbine
Kalranoos Carbine
Proton Carbine
Mandalorian Carbine
Republic SFOR Carbine
DC15 Carbine
Charric Carbine
Heroic SD Carbine
Kun Massassi Carbine
Rebel PvP Carbine
Imperial PvP Carbine
Wookiee Carbine