Planet Change List


Taanab- restoration and upgrade of SOE’s unfinished work, nearly complete (quests, spawns, dungeons, POIs, player cities, missions)

Hoth- original terrain, nearly complete (spawns, dungeons, POIs, missions)

Nal Hutta- terrain extrapolated from BETA files, recently updated (quests, spawns, dungeons ,missions)

Kashyyyk- special open-world edition with all instances integrated, in progress but very advanced (quests, spawns, dungeons, POIs)

Mustafar- fairly advanced restoration, still in progress, fairly complete (spawns, dungeons)

Bespin- concept, getting new art assets (dungeon)

Coruscant- concept and art testing stage

Dagobah- original base terrain and environment (spawns)

Mon Calamari- original terrain and 3D work, nearly complete

Kuat- original terrain, nearly complete (spawns, POIs, missions, player cities)

Kessel- original base terrain and environment only 

Ghomrassen- just an environment and basic terrain

Ord Mantell- original terrain, mixed with repurposed SOE code (quests, spawns, POIs, dungeons, missions)

Nova Orion- Smugglers with Underworld IV can teleport there using NPCs in the ‘starship terminal room’ of Coronet, Eisley Starports, and to the right of the shuttle in Theed Hangar. Nova Orion shuttle goes to all rim and adventure planets. 

Tansarii Point Station can also be reached using NPCs found near the Nova Orion teleporters, and to ‘Station Gamma’ from there – open to all.


Endor- removed surrounding mountains, removed trees from ocean

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