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This is a message from Dax, our screenplay/quest guy:

—- Notes for Quest/Screenplay Contributors —-

There are several ways to create a screenplay. The first involves working
knowledge of the coding functions and server operations.

This can be a barrier for entry in this space and keeps many good ideas
as just that, ideas. There are very few people that create these and
we want to expand to implement great ideas for the community to enjoy.

We are breaking that perception of barriers and offer a time-proven route to allow
your creativity to come alive in the SWGEMU world of Sunrunner II.

We have taken the story board approach to concieve ideas and internal processes
for prioritzation, coding approach, evaluating in game experience and enjoyment,
class, multi-class or community scope all governed by a testing and quality control framework.

Wow, that is a lot to digest, so let me break down how you can contribute here at SRII.

We need ideas – good ones. We need testers, people with attention to detail and quality.
Think of your profession(s) what do you need to enjoy the
experience? What have you played in the game and want to see more of?

If you like testing, reach out to Tak in Discord and we would be glad to work with you.

OK, now to the fun stuff 🙂 Screenplays.

Let us outline what the most productive way is to articulate your idea and submit for review.
At the highest level, you need to outline the scope/ objective of the quests/ any requirements
and the steps and actions along the way with a proposed reward(s).

Here is an example:

Working Title :

Young Gun


provide various levels of quests that will award level appropiate pistols and or schematics


Smuggler and maybe Pistoleer


3 quest lines @ these levels : Novice / a Combat Tree IV / Master


Taking collection work for Nym is dangerous and those that owe him hide in various places.
the job will be to make contact with the collections boss, underworld contacts and collect what is owed.
Some will pay, some will need to be brought back and some … will die before paying.

Mission Types:

Escort / Assassinate / Collect (Confiscate) / Destroy (buildings!!)

Things to do or that happen during the quest:

make the person travel with smugglers … use a ship..
including working in space somehow. Have two or three planets to travel to.
(It would be good to have ideas on the overall flow / dialog from start to finish to help with the quest)


appropiate pistols and or schematics


You will be able to help us test your quest if we implement it, and we encourage you to invite others to help!

So there you go .. spend time creating a good framework and submit it.

By the way – this is already coded and in testing for the first of the series : Novice




Send your quest outline submissions to Takhomasak  (e-mail)

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