World Dungeons

Non Instanced Dungeons:

Myyydril Caverns- -1800,1800 Kashyyyk- boss: Necrosis- full spawns                                                   

HK-47- Mustafar central lava sea- boss: HK-47- some spawns, loot

Black Sun Shipwreck- POI, Taanab- full spawns, loot 

Norulac Raider Cave- approx 700, 7000 Taanab- full spawns    

Norulac Vs. Farmer Battle – POI, Taanab

Hoth Taun Taun Caves – near Geyser Fields POI, Hoth- boss: Taun Taun Matriarch- full spawns, loot

Hoth Wampa Caves- POI, Hoth- boss: Gigantic Wampa- full spawns, loot

Kyrisa’s Cave- Hoth- boss; Kyrisa – full spawns, loot

Crimson Marauder Stronghold – approx -3000, 1000 Lok – boss: (several)- full spawns, loot

Treilan’s Lab – Ord Mantell – boss: Dr. Treilan (several minor bosses)- full spawns, loot

Bog Raider Bunker- Nal Hutta – bosses, full spawns, loot

Silent Shades Bunker- Talus- bosses, full spawns, loot

Imperial vs. Rebel Battle – approx 6000, -6750 Rori – boss: (several)- full spawns, loot, factional PvE

Kuat Poacher Cave – -2575, 2930 Kuat

Kuat Poacher Vs. Creature Battle – 200, 2350 Kuat

Sayormi Stronghold – approx -4500 500, Ord Mantell

Nexu Cave – POI, Ord Mantell

Disinous City – POI, Ord Mantell

and more!

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