Moving Forward

This has been a very exciting week for Sunrunner 2 with the launch of a new website. We hope you like it, as it is giving us a more visual look to all the goodies we have to offer you as a player. We are not done yet as we will continue to add bits by bits of content as we go.

We are also happy to introduce a whole NEW encounter/dungeon complex on Dagobah. Valley of Fear -> Anger -> Hate.

In this encounter, players will be challenged by 4 new bosses with new loot, such as:

  • 3 new pharmaceutical components
  • 3 new weapon and armor components
  • 2 new weapons
  • 3 new decorative items

On the server-side of news, there have been adjustments done to several things:


  • updated/fixed some hidden world boss stats
  • Updated Mustafar Bandit Outpost design and screenplay
  • added filling removal on clone – code by RaiRaiTheRaichu
  • added milk to more female species variants and increased a few yields
  • added female variants for new creature milking to make sense – Hoth Mastodon matriarch, Minstyngar matriarch, Cirook matriarch, Feathound huntress, Nexu huntress, and Pangrack female


  • added new component loots for Crimson Marauders, Silent Shades, Bog Raiders, and Carax bosses
  • added new component loot for Ord Mantell World Bosses
  • added new component loots to NPCs and boss mobiles (across the galaxy)

Scout / Ranger –

  • increased yield chance and scout/ranger skill factor in filleting fish