Updates for week #48

This week in, we are offering all our players double xp during holidays starting as off this week. This is perfect opportunity for new comers to level up and for our already established players to try out new builds or new professions. So group up, strap in and let’s roll.

Patch Notes:


  • Double XP for the holidays
  • Removed elevator to Reactor core section of ISD at Kuat Drive Yards
  • Decreased stun protection, increased energy and electrical protection on PvP PSGs
  • increased AP on PvP carbines, rifles, heavy weapons, polearms, and 2-handed swords – light to medium, medium to heavy
  • Added new loot to Ord Mantell junkyard guardians and decreased number of spawns
  • Increased GCW Battlefield Quartermaster and Hero respawn to 1hr
  • Re-balanced loot on GCW Quartermaster bosses
  • Added new loot to Decrepit and Working Droid factory NPCs
  • Removed ability to migrate stats while in combat
  • Added PvP Riot Shield to Recruiter equipment list
  • Upgraded Ewok Crossbow to medium AP
  • Re-balanced Nightsister loot groups and converted crystal loot groups into something more useful