Updates for Week #49 and #50

Updates for week #49


  • Nightsister and Singing Mountain Clan themepark reward furniture placeable outdoors by Mayors.
  • Updated loot drops on Illusion Cave mobs
  • Reduced condition and protection on PvP PSG and Riot Shield
  • Activated 2 new planets for players to visit – Kessel and Bespin
  • Activated Cloud City instance
  • Added Cloud City dungeon key to loot items, and added it to Smuggler Creates
  • Added paid charter flights from Tansarii to Dantooine, Kessel and Bespin
  • Added ARC 170 space zone transit for more planets
  • Reduced generosity of loot drop that was done week before with loot update
  • Updated loot for Ugnaught mobs
  • Most (if not all) flying mounts may now fly over lava on Mustafar

Updates for week #50


  • Wookies and Ithorians can now equip all armor as an invisible appearance
  • Updated stats on Imperial themepark armor and added it back as a reward
  • Added invisible versions of higher tier faction armor to Naboo and Tatooine battleground quartermasters
  • Upgraded resistance and/or condition on all faction armors significantly, removed the ability to effectiveness slice them
  • Made all faction armor “no trade” for now
  • Upgraded stats on Death Watch Mandalorian armor
  • Added Avenging Mort questline – it starts with Mort in Dearic cantina on Talus and reward is Clone Trooper armor