The Brotherhood of Darkness – Weekly PVP Event


The Brotherhood of Darkness will be hosting SR2’s first official weekly PVP event

Where: The Citadel on Tatooine

When: Thursday 9PM EST

Who: Imperials Vs Rebels (naturally)

S2 Staff will be providing clone service/heals/rebuffs, the battle will take place right outside of city limits with two opposing bases within a logical distance of each other.

Rules: This will be a ‘best of 3’ – each round will consist of 2 10-minute attack/defense periods.  When you die, you’re dead, and an admin will pull you back to your cloner/base until the next round.  If both teams win a round, the fastest time gets the point.  All participants will receive a prize at the end, and the winning side will receive two prizes!

All skill levels welcome and builds, if you need help with faction or have any questions please do not hesitate to ask in General Chat and we will get you an answer

Come out and meet the rest of the server if this is your first time attending an event, or if you’re an SR2 veteran come out and promote and bolster this great community.