March 2020 Update


It’s Takh, just checking in – we’ve had some strange times recently!

First of all, the server has recovered from our technical issues in February – and the game and all peripheral systems are now functioning better than ever. We are continuing our mission now, to keep refining and creating content on a massive scale.

IF YOU HAVE NOT LOGGED IN SINCE FEBRUARY – Please download our new launcher – with our new physical server location hardcoded in it.

Sunrunner II Launcher

The current situation in the world, the COVID-19 pandemic, has certainly affected everyone’s ability to play (positively or negatively) – or has presented us with difficult situations in our lives. To do our part in easing the burdens of life at this time, we’re initiating double XP indefinitely.

We want to provide a place of comfort and refuge at Sunrunner II – and we want to provide a galaxy full of exploration, creativity, and give to you all of the tools we can to allow you to fulfill your SWG dreams.

Our current development direction is an inward focus – on planets like Mon Calamari, Kessel, Hoth, Taanab, and Nal Hutta – with the least amount of original content. Our standard for a ‘complete’ planet would be our Ord Mantell – a planet that rivals the original adventure planets in content and opportunity. I will also be pushing forward with space code. I want to continue to stabilize and expand the fundamentals of spaceflight, hyperspace, and object interaction. We are also slowly implementing scripted fight dynamics for instance and world bosses. IG-88 will be the first to go live, after it’s been fully tested! Also be looking forward to more decorative items and QoL fixes along the way, as usual. Oh, and Mandalore is still being designed… assume plenty of new focused content when that can be released.

Lasko, Xerthan, Zimbab, RaiRai, and myself would all like to thank you for playing and enjoying our hard work, over the past 10 months! We have been inspired and driven by all the positive feedback and participation. It’s difficult to even attempt to maintain a friendly and open environment in this modern gaming world – and we’re very grateful and proud of our community’s efforts to help us keep Sunrunner II focused… It’s about the game! Here at S2, we love this game, respect it, and we’re trying to take it to heights that were never before imagined. We must preserve it’s integrity, respect and follow the vision of the creators, and allow this true work of genius to live on and continue to bloom, as it was intended.

Eh… one more note. With the exception of my public releases of Hoth and Taanab on from 2016, no other server or project has permission to use the custom planets and assets we’ve designed for Sunrunner 2. We’ve never given such permission. Each planet on this server, beyond the original game planets, is our own custom work – or my custom design combined with unreleased SOE planet code, and many of them are filled with originally created 2D and 3D art by myself or our team. It pains us to see our volunteer work being pirated – with no permission or credit, so we must restrict our permission to only our partners, the Empire in Flames server.

Take care, and we hope to see you ingame.