April 4, 2021 Update

This week there are just a few loot and schematic updates.  I’ve improved many venom components across the galaxy, as well as Gorax Shards, Spider Fangs, Karian Bloods, and boss-level Nightsister Bounty Hunter armor segment enhancements.  DP-23 rifles and schematics will now drop from more bosses (think Mustafar) – and its schematic, along with the DC-15, have been switched to use the Geonosian Drill template rather than the T-21.  These adjustments will hopefully keep things exciting and make your valuable hunting time more worthwhile! 

I’m still working on developing the Heroic keyed instances – and work on the Dungeon Master vendor is complete.  The Heroic updates should also resolve some old issues with our normal instances.  Also still in the works is the Luck stat and all of its effects, the Galactic Hunter (trophy) quest, as well as the completion of a few client-side projects (continuing to improve podracer visuals, house deed minis, and more).