April 25, 2021 Update

Here’s the deal with Luck:
Luck Jewelry has been added to loot tables across the galaxy, and Lucky Tokens have as well.  These Lucky Tokens are used by Bio Engineers to craft new Luck tissues (they are actually the charisma tissues from the NGE) – replacing the old Cover tissues that currently don’t work in our version of the game.

What does Luck do?  Currently, four things. It influences your success with item assembly, with socket rolls on wearables, and with DNA sampling – these are the default ‘Force Sensitive Luck’ settings from SWGEMU.  I’ve added a slicing effect on top – simply put, the more Luck you are wearing, the greater chances you have for damage slicing weapons.  More Luck effects will be added as time goes on!  I’m also planning an overhaul of clothing slots, so that all clothing can be bio-engineered.

All of this is just the beginning of the Luck system – the Token may actually change in the future (to something less generic), but now the framework is in place for some new, interesting dynamics and reasons to keep adventuring.

Heroics and the Dungeon Master vendor are still on the way as well!  They’ve turned into a massive overhaul of our existing dungeon instance system – and I’ve even squashed a few old bugs along the way.  Just keep stacking those points.