May 2, 2021 Update

This week sees the introduction of the Dungeon Master point vendor (finally!). For now, the vendor will offer three new items, in exchange for your Sunrunner Dungeon Master faction points.  You must have at least enough points to buy the least expensive item (25 at this time), in order to speak with the vendor.  You will find the vendor in the open-air market in Worlport, on Ord Mantell.

The first new heroic reward is a “Heroic Crate” – which costs 50 points, and rewards 2 rolls on an assortment of boss-level components.  The second is a Dungeon Master Transport – which costs 100 points, and will allow instant travel to dungeons that you have completed (since this patch), once every six hours!  The third reward is the Heroic Avatar Key – for 25 points, which will grant access to the “Heroic” difficulty Avatar instance when presented to the Avatar key taker near Kachirho, and when the right dialog is chosen.  The Heroic version has a 30 minute timer (down from 60), and a maximum group size of 5.  There are new mini-bosses, and a heroic version of the final boss, and generally a lot more decent loot.  Keep in mind, this is a prototype for converting all of the instances to heroics, and beginning to add more dynamics to these encounters.  The loot variety, difficulties are all subject to adjustment as we test this out.

The updates to Avatar have also spilled over into fixing several longstanding problems with our instances.  We’ll keep adding keys and unique items to the Dungeon Master vendor as we finish them.  Hope you all enjoy, and keep in mind that our 2nd anniversary is just around the corner, in June.