May 30, 2021 Update


This week, I’m just reducing the fines for getting caught with sliced gear, if you’re scanned for contraband.  People were reporting outrageous fines that don’t seem justified (yet) without more evasion mechanics.  The contraband scans and Lambda drops are something we are looking forward to adjusting and expanding when we have the opportunity to revisit our GCW systems!

Our Second Anniversary celebrations begin in one week, Sunday, June 6th – and will last until Saturday, the 12th of June.  I will post a more firm schedule of events on the 6th – and we will be getting plans and dates solidified and posted in Discord throughout this coming week.  I am still seeking entrants for the Decoration Contest (which begins on the 6th, giving you a full week to assemble your entry/entries) – and the Bilbousa Arena Pet Battle.  Please PM me in Discord with your character name to enter.  The Decoration Contest will be judged, and winners announced on Saturday, June 12 – and the Pet Battle (if we get enough entrants) will also be held that day.  Prizes and specific challenges still TBD.  Last year, we gave away some fantastic houses and pets, and the Galactic Home Show badge, among other things.

Work is still progressing on Mandalore and other things, keep your eyes peeled.