June 27, 2021 Update

The slow grind on exciting new changes continues!  Revolutionizing this game is not easy, and work here has slowed over the past month – partially due to a health issue (which I’ve recovered from) and due to the 2nd Anniversary week (which I just took as a vacation from development).  I’m currently re-assessing our roadmap and re-prioritizing the many exciting projects I have open!  It’s beginning to look like the release of Mandalore and the associated game updates are going to be trickling out, instead of releasing in one monolithic expansion.  This is just how it has to be – we are a volunteer team with very limited time and resources. We have new contributors, who are beginning to contribute here and there, helping me to accomplish larger goals and clear our long-standing suggestion/QoL list, but it’s always going to be slow going, this is a huge game!

Among the things we are currently working on: 

House Packup (courtesy of our partners at Empire in Flames)

Mandalore (the physical planet, gaining more detail every week)

Mandalore (the large story-arc questline I am hand-crafting to take us to the planet!)

Bounty Hunter terminal and visibility fixes

The Echo Base instance 

Varactyl Hunt, Myyydril Caverns, and Imprisoned Geonosian quests for Kashyyyk (finished, just need fine-tuning)

Sammies’ Hoth Campfire collection quest

The Trophy Hunter collection quest

Adding all alternate house sign options (Sac is working on it)

Adding the remaining non crafted weapons as schematics (Sac and I)

Adding new buildings and 3D art to Bespin, Coruscant, Mon Calamari (Isabella)

Wandering NPCs in our custom cities

Finishing the Heroic conversion and adding more to the DM vendor

Our own Jedi Manager (I’ve got it working very well, this is the framework for our unlock and system)


Our community contributors and staff are also slowly beginning discussions about the upcoming GCW revamp, which we are planning for after Mandalore is open for business.  Expect Jedi around or after that time.