July 4, 2021 Update

This week’s update fixes many issues with multi-passenger vehicles (thanks to Halyn of EiF for a tip), adds a new detail pass to Mandalore (drawing nearer to completion), adds some new test structures to Bespin (designed by Isabella), fixes the broken Tansarii Point Station boss badge, fixes Invisible RIS Helmet experimentation – and adds a new UI option (details below).

For players who enjoy the game in 1080p resolution – you may have noticed that our Galactic Travel Map looks awful!  That’s because I did not know that it does not scale, and it is designed for 1280×720/768 resolution.  If you simply download THIS FILE, unRAR and place it in the UI folder of your game directory (C:/SWGSunrunner2 by default) – then reload the game, it will adapt our galactic map for your resolution!  I will do my best to keep this file updated as we update the galaxy, the link will always be the same.

^^if our web host is being weird about the file – you can also get it on our Discord server, pinned in the #general channel^^

We are still working on a host of fixes and new content, I will keep doing my best to keep everyone updated each week.