July 11, 2021 Update

It’s finally here:  HOUSE PACKUP!

This new system is not finished – some of the details and polish are still forthcoming.  This only works on player houses – not civic structures, not Cantinas, Med Centers, or City Halls, for now.  Paying maintenance on a packed up structure works.  Your lots will continue to be used by a packed up structure.

We have been given permission by Phoenix and the Empire in Flames team to utilize this system that they designed – and we are grateful!  I have adapted the code slightly to our system.

Known Issues:
Refreshing the ‘Check Status’ window of a packed up (in datapad) house will dismiss the status window.

Sometimes, your house deed will get ‘lost’ by the server while it is packed up (in your datapad).  When this happens, an error will display when you try to unpack, telling you a number to screenshot or copy for us Administrators.

Contacting me in Discord is probably best, but you can e-mail me also.  Please provide a screenshot of the error (you can try unpacking again to show the error again).  I need to see your character name, and the LONG number in the error message. 

It’s best if I resolve the issue while we are both online, but I should be able to fix it even if you are not logged in.  I just ask for some patience, but the fix has a 100% success rate so far.  You won’t lose your items.  The bug itself is rather rare, and you can do your part to mitigate it by just being aware of your surroundings, not attempting to pack/unpack while in strange conditions (combat for example).