October 24, 2021 Update


Today’s update adds new Luck stat effects to armor slicing, mission terminal slicing, and creature taming!  Generally, the higher your Luck stat, the greater your chances will be for optimal effects.  In the case of Armor slicing, higher luck favors effectiveness outcomes.  For mission terminals, higher luck increases your chance of a lucky 1.75 or 2.0 payout roll (over the standard 1.5).  For creature taming – your Luck stat is simply added to your final taming chance roll as a flat bonus!

Additionally – all slices now add small amounts of visibility and small credit increases to your running bounty total – so be careful!

We had a great staff meeting yesterday and have solidified our roadmap, moving forward into and through 2022.  Our current slate is simple, big releases, new systems, and continued tidying up, fixing, and expanding the things we’ve already added.

Mandalore is, of course, the main focus for Xerthan and I – and we’re definitely most of the way there, now.  Our next goals will be the implementation of a new, perhaps revolutionary game system (scheduled for the first few months of 2022) – and then we will be tackling Jedi, building upon the framework for it that I’ve already started, and the ideas we’ve been discussing as a group for years.  We hope it provides a new level of depth to our galaxy!  After that, we’ll be focusing on re-activating our simple space travel system and adding new elements of the JTL game as they get worked out or become available.  Our ongoing projects during those large focuses will include finishing the Heroic instance framework and adding more dungeon master rewards, adding more brand new items, and filling out and fixing our existing content.  Of course, an efficient but effective PvP overhaul is still in the works – building on our most recent changes relaxing the numbers behind the stun restrictions.

I am excited to keep bringing you all new things, and appreciative of the support of both players and staff.  On the staff end, we are especially grateful for our newest Administrator – Sac!