December 12, 2021 Update


Today, I’ll be activating our Life Day holiday content!  This includes the classic Life Day quest from SWG – but with a Sunrunner 2 twist.  You can find Wookiee Life Day representatives on each of our three space stations, and they will direct you to our celebration area on Kashyyyk (which is due west of Kachirho, on the road).  If you are unable to load into Kashyyyk (due to graphical issues) – you may also complete the quest on the upper level of Tansarii Point Station.

I’ve activated our Sunrunner Life Day collection quest again as well – simply find the stacks of presents throughout the galaxy (all on our new planets), click on them and receive a reward!  Returning players who have already completed the quest from 2020 may click on one present for a bonus gift.  I’ve added some new rewards to this pool, as well!

I’ll also be activating our snow-covered versions of Dantooine, Kuat, and Naboo (the northern area only), which were a lot of fun last year.

Additionally, this update will add more creatures to Mandalore (which is still inacessible), fix a code issue (thanks Rai!), and kick off the 2x XP earned from the currently running Galactic World Boss Hunt event.

My personal life has become much less busy, and I’m looking forward to being able to do more regular administration and development again (after a few months of very spotty time).  I am (and we should all be) grateful to Sac, RaiRai, Xerthan, Sammies, Lasko, and Zimbab for taking over and contributing while I was away.  I’m also very pleased to announce some old news that I was unable to formally announce before – we have added Jaxx/Bellamy to our staff as an Event Coordinator!  His tireless work at promoting the server and keeping us active has been appreciated, and we are excited to see what else he can come up with.  Finally, I’m also very personally grateful to all of you who have continued playing and kept the galaxy alive through this, our third year!  I promise more new content and capabilities in return.