January 9, 2022 Update


Today’s patch gives us the usual database backup, a couple of minor fixes, a little bit more Mandalore content incoming for testing, and reduces the XP bonus from 5x to 3x – for one final week.  The XP event will likely return around our anniversary in June.

Thanks to everyone who is continuing to play and keep our galaxy alive, and welcome to all the new players who are giving us a chance, I hope you are enjoying and discovering new ways to love this old game!

We are continuing to push toward our Mandalore release, and beginning to plan the next updates on our roadmap.  Our plan remains to release Mandalore and about half of its content – then to focus on a code merge with SWGEMU to get us completely up to date – simultaneously, a *loot overhaul* and continued work on the Heroic instance system and rewards – then to implement a *brand new* game system – and then to focus on Jedi (and probably the GCW at the same time).  After all that, we hope to be tinkering with space and JTL.  It’s as simple as that!