Announcing the 3rd Anniversary and Decoration Contest! May 8, 2022


Other Anniversary events are TBD at this time, but I wanted to go ahead and publicize the annual Decoration Contest.  Attached here is the exact post from Discord with details, dates and instructions.

If you wish to participate, but do not use Discord – simply follow these instructions, but e-mail your entries or votes to me – here – with the subject ‘DECO CONTEST.’

If you have an entry for the 2nd Anniversary Decoration Contest/Galactic Home Show that you wish to be considered, message the following to @Takh or @<NERD> Sammies


Character Name:
Title or Name of Entry:
Category: (categories are listed below)
Waypoint, Planet:
(Attach up to 3 quality screenshots)


All entries must be submitted by Sunday, June 5th to be eligible for votes


We will post the entries in this channel as quickly as we can, and the community has until Sunday, June 12th to vote for their favorites, after (hopefully) visiting them in-game and seeing them firsthand. The prize for each category will be a house deed of one’s choice, and the “Best Overall” winner will also earn the Galactic Home Show badge, like last year. You can win multiple categories – and you can post multiple entries – but they must fit the categories, and only one entry per category / one category per entry.


VIEW ENTRIES HERE (site still under construction):






Categories and voting instructions are below.


Use the following emojis to label your choices for each prize. We will be checking, so no double votes and no other emojis, please – and votes for yourself will not count. You can hover over the examples to see the : code for each emoji.


Best Overall (Galactic Home Show badge – do not apply for this, just vote for it) 🏆

Most Creative 🧠

Best Use of a Single Item 🤔

Best Single Room 🛀

Best Crafting House or Room 🛠️

Best Shop/Mall 🛒

Best Garden (indoors) 🌻

Best Military Installation 🎖️

Best Installation/Contraption/Machine/Device 🎰

Best Recreation of a Star Wars scene :4_:

Best Player City Deco (Mayor submits, outdoor only) 🏙️

Best Cantina (must be in a Cantina or Theater building) 🍺