November 13, 2022 Update


We are making great progress, the past few weeks!  We’ve been patching up the loot tables, adding some new and logical functionality to existing skills (Pistoleer, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler) – and preparing for the final installation of Mandalore content.  We hope to have another big drop within the next few weeks!

After Mandalore is ‘complete,’ we will be following our planned roadmap.  A very brief refresher on the roadmap:

Server update/migration
Launcher update (fixing the skill planner, other features)
SWGEMU latest code merge (this includes AI and pet formations as well as many more fixes and stability updates!)
<new game system> (this will include the return of treasure maps and crates)

It’s as simple as that!  You keep playing, and we’ll keep adding more to our beloved galaxy.  We still haven’t completed our discussions about ‘Sunrunner 3,’ but we’ll be proceeding with development regardless.  Rest assured, no matter what we choose for the future of our content, your time and efforts in our community will not be wasted.  We appreciate you all so much!