December 18, 2022 Update


First – I’ve activated our Christmas Present collection quest, and the vanilla Life Day quest!  If you have already searched out and collected all of our present boxes, you are able to claim one further gift for 2021, and another for 2022 by clicking on any gift again.  If you’ve never done the quest – seek out piles of gift boxes scattered around the galaxy.  Some are easy, some are difficult.  Once you find your first, check your quest journal with CTRL+J to see clues for the rest!  To complete the Life Day quest, speak with a Wookiee representative on any space station (in the main hangar room usually) and travel to either Kashyyyk or Tansarii Point Station to learn and receive gifts!

In other news, we are still making progress on the final Mandalorian content patch, with only some functional code and some thorough testing remaining.  It has been difficult this year, through outside-world slow downs, staff shortages, unforseen health and life issues, but we persist!  I’m very proud that we’ve continued to provide a stable and always-online world to you all, and that we’ve been able to steadily expand and improve the galaxy, despite a rather down year.

I’ve thrown out a lot of grand plans, lately, to attempt to repair, stimulate, and extend our experience on Sunrunner 2…   for now, though, I’d like to just focus on what we have.  Through it all, what we’ve forged here remains unique and special.  I don’t mean to lose sight of that.

Our roadmap remains the same.  EMU code merge > server migration > launcher/infrastructure update > <new system+maps+crates+factions> > Jedi/GCW > JTL.  Additionally, we may have some new overhauls and fixes on the table in the near future. 

Thank you all so much for playing and contributing to this galaxy.  This is the only way the game works!  We will continue doing our best to keep it stable and fresh.