Sunrunner II is a pre-cu Star Wars Galaxies experience based on SWGEmu code that features content from multiple-expansions, and an enormous amount of brand new, never-before-seen content.

A Galaxy Expanded

Sunrunner II features an incredible amount of new, never-before-seen content. Everything from new planets, to a large array of both new and NGE-sourced weapons, armor, housing, loot, creatures, and much more! View the change list below for details.
Additionally, new content is being crafted, compiled, and published every single week, with new major releases just on the horizon!

Adventure Awaits

The galaxy has been reborn, but its heroes are still being decided. As the Galactic Civil War rages on, planets are rising and falling in a cosmic dance. Yet, just beyond civilized space are raw new worlds for those who want nothing to do with the ensuing conflict.

As guilds and cities arise, so too do adventurers, traders, and the ever-manipulative masters-of-industry. Forge your path the way you would like to see it unfold with a fully re-balanced, PRE-CU experience.