Change List

Sunrunner II Change List

These are changes from SWGEMU “Basilisk” and stock pre-CU SWG

Everything listed here is currently ‘live’ on the test server, any items without a listed source are available on the Blue Frog character builder terminals



Armor effectiveness slices capped at 84% – all crafted types have the same outcome as Composite, regardless of schematic ingredients

No crafted Enhance Ds, Stimpack Es, or Poison/Disease Cs

Resource stack sizes are 1,000,000, weapon Powerup crates at 100, all crafting components at 1000, storage per lot at 125

Stun damage and protection generally removed from loot and crafting, placed in GCW/PvP reward system

Added many expansion items to bluefrog (bluefrog stats are not the same as the actual drop stats)  —  see further down for complete list of items and implementation status

EMU (unstable) Bazaar/Vendor keyword search and price filter is integrated

Newsnet terminals report information from the website (currently bugged)



Taanab- restoration and upgrade of SOE’s unfinished work, nearly complete (quests, spawns, dungeons, POIs, player cities, missions)

Hoth- original terrain, nearly complete (spawns, dungeons, POIs, missions)

Nal Hutta- terrain extrapolated from BETA files, recently updated (quests, spawns, dungeons ,missions)

Kashyyyk- special open-world edition with all instances integrated, in progress but very advanced (quests, spawns, dungeons, POIs)

Mustafar- fairly advanced restoration, still in progress, fairly complete (spawns, dungeons)

Bespin- concept, getting new art assets (dungeon)

Coruscant- concept and art testing stage

Dagobah- original base terrain and environment (spawns)

Mon Calamari- original terrain and 3D work, nearly complete

Kuat- original terrain, nearly complete (spawns, POIs, missions, player cities)

Kessel- original base terrain and environment only 

Ghomrassen- just an environment and basic terrain

Ord Mantell- original terrain, mixed with repurposed SOE code (quests, spawns, POIs, dungeons, missions)

Nova Orion- Smugglers with Underworld IV can teleport there using NPCs in the ‘starship terminal room’ of Coronet, Eisley Starports, and to the right of the shuttle in Theed Hangar. Nova Orion shuttle goes to all rim and adventure planets. 

Tansarii Point Station can also be reached using NPCs found near the Nova Orion teleporters, and to ‘Station Gamma’ from there – open to all.


Endor- removed surrounding mountains, removed trees from ocean



Added playable species:








Ishi Tib








Many instances require keys now – looted in the wild (or from the bluefrog)


The Avatar Platform- 500,500 Kashyyyk- boss: Lord Cyssc- Instanced, full spawns, loot, key: Trando Slavers

Echo Base- Scavenger Starport, Hoth- boss: General Rieekan-Instanced, some spawns, loot

Axkva Min Lair- NS Stronghold, Dath- boss: Axkva- Instanced, loot, key: NS Elders

Exar Kun Tomb- Exar Kun Temple, Yavin- boss: Exar Kun- Instanced, full spawns, loot, key: Hutt Expeditionary Forces on Yavin

IG-88 Arena- Nym’s Stronghold, Lok- boss: IG-88- Instanced, loot, key: Elite Pirates and Corsairs on Lok

ISD- Scavenger Starport, Hoth- boss: Admiral Sait- Instanced, full spawns, loot, key: Imperial Snowtroopers

Sher Kar- Mensix, Mustafar- boss: Sher Kar- Instanced, loot

Cloud City Core – Cloud City, Bespin- boss: Many upset Ugnaughts- Instanced, loot

HK-47- Mensix, Mustafar- boss: HK-47- some spawns, loot

Working Droid Factory- Mensix, Mustafar- bosses, spawns

Decrepit Droid Factory- Mensix, Mustafar- bosses, spawns

Old Research Facility- Mensix, Mustafar- bosses, spawns

Non Instanced:

Myyydril Caverns- -1800,1800 Kashyyyk- boss: Necrosis- full spawns                                                   

Black Sun Shipwreck- POI, Taanab- full spawns, loot 

Norulac Raider Cave- approx 700, 7000 Taanab- full spawns    

Norulac Vs. Farmer Battle – POI, Taanab

Hoth Taun Taun Caves – near Geyser Fields POI, Hoth- boss: Taun Taun Matriarch- full spawns, loot

Hoth Wampa Caves- POI, Hoth- boss: Gigantic Wampa- full spawns, loot

Kyrisa’s Cave- Hoth- boss; Kyrisa – full spawns, loot

Crimson Marauder Stronghold – approx -3000, 1000 Lok – boss: (several)- full spawns, loot

Treilan’s Lab – approx 6000, 6700 Ord Mantell – boss: Dr. Treilan (several minor bosses)- full spawns, loot

Bog Raider Bunker- -1700, 1460 Nal Hutta – bosses, full spawns, loot

Silent Shades Bunker- around -5500 2800, Talus- bosses, full spawns, loot

Imperial vs. Rebel Battle – approx 6000, -6750 Rori – boss: (several)- full spawns, loot, factional PvE

Kuat Poacher Cave – -2575, 2930 Kuat

Kuat Poacher Vs. Creature Battle – 200, 2350 Kuat

Sayormi Stronghold – approx -4500 500, Ord Mantell



DWB  (added loot to droids, Black Suns, and Overlord, buffed Overlord HAM)

Geo Cave (added loot, buffed Acklay HAM and damage, buffed Fire Spider similarly)

  • Added 3 dynamic Acklay spawns to world on Yavin IV

Spiderclan Cave (added loot)

Axkva Min instance entrance is at former Axkva spawn point

Corellian Corvette (added loot)



non-combat profession skill point requirements reduced

Entertainer disciplines consolidated into a single profession

Doctor removed

enhance skill moved to Master Medic

enhance pack crafting moved to Medic

enhance pack D removed

stimpack E removed

poison and disease C removed

advanced stims and state heals moved to Combat Medic

advanced medicine crafting skill mods moved to Combat Medic

ranged support prerequisite has been removed for Novice Combat Medic

unarmed prerequisite has been removed for Novice Commando

heavy weapon speed and accuracy consolidated into ‘General Heavy Weapon’ stats – and rewarded as you progress through Commando – these stats benefit all new and old heavy weapons, thrown weapons, flame throwers, etc

removed stun layer crafting

increased Carbineer leg shot modifier and added +15 speed to skill trees

increased Pikeman leg hit modifier

added Unarmed Speed and Accuracy to Novice and Master Bounty Hunter

increased max level of pets to 120

increased Master Bio Engineer experimentation by 50

added YPR furniture rotation commands for decoration

Migrate your own stats anywhere, anytime!

Added Skills:


        Lethal Exertion

        Buffeting Onslaught

        Ruthless Surge

        Destructive Overcharge

        Commando’s Gambit

        Engulfing Flame

Squad Leader:

        Stay Focused (buff)

        Dizzy Shot

        Punishing Shot

        Barrage Shot

        Commander’s Force

Droid Engineer:

        Droid Overclock

        Droid Phaser Overclock

        Droid Reboot


        Hasty Getaway

Bounty Hunter:

        Unarmed Bleed

        Dazing Shock

        Crippling Surge

        Debilitating Jolt


        Merciless Slash


        Burgeoning Wallop


        Unyielding Batter

Teras Kasi Artist:

        Unarmed Maelstrom


        Disabling Shot


        Full Auto Assault


        Crown Shot

Creature Handler:

        Encourage Pet

        Outrage Pet



Increased credit and faction rewards, armor and weapon reward stats in Rebel, Imperial, Nym’s, Jabba’s, Valarian, and Marauder themeparks.

Mos Eisley speeder quest (start with Majolnir just outside the starport)

Tatooine Panoramic Vista POI collection added

Varactyl kill quest (talk to Ortha Ledox around 550, -650 on Kashyyyk)

Imprisoned Geonosian Quest (starts with imprisoned Geonosian in Kachirho)

Galactic Tour part 1 added to Coronet (starport entrance, travel kiosk with poster)

Infiltrator Armor Schematic quest begins in the Rebel Outpost on Rori (Master Armorsmith)

Small Windowed House Schematic quests begin near the new houses to the north in Pandath, Taanab (Master Architect)

Activated Young Gun questline, begins in Mos Eisley – Lucky Despot, with Akeser Alrai



Increased faction pet combat strength

Added ranks:    

Brigadier General

Major General

Lieutenant General


High General

Surface Marshall


Added rewards:


        Marine Armor (full set)

        Battle Armor

        Assault Armor

        Endor Backpack

        Rebel Backpack

        Rebel BARC Speeder

        Rebel Spire House Deed

        PvP Pistol

        PvP Carbine

        PvP Rifle

        PvP Sword 1H

        PvP Knuckler

        PvP Heavy Weapon

        Rebel Insignia Hologram

        Weapon Rack

        Rebel Trooper Helmet


        Scout Trooper Armor

        Assault Trooper Armor

        Stormtrooper Officer Chestplate (with the shoulderpad)

        Sandtrooper Backpack

        Imperial Backpack

        Imperial BARC Speeder

        Emperor’s Spire House Deed

        PvP Pistol

        PvP Carbine

        PvP Rifle

        PvP Sword 1H

        PvP Knuckler

        PvP Heavy Weapon

        Imperial Insignia Hologram

        Weapon Rack

        Imperial Gunner Helmet

New GCW vendor rewards: (Permanent SF zone and spawns at Stronghold, Corellia, Echo Base, Hoth and Tatooine PvP POI with GCW planetary shift, Naboo Weapon Development Facility shifts randomly at server restart)


      Battle Worn Stormtrooper Armor + Officer Chestplate

      Battle Worn Scout Trooper Armor

      Battle Worn Shock Trooper Armor

      Battle Worn Rebel Battle Armor

      Battle Worn Rebel Marine Armor

      Battle Worn Rebel Assault Armor


        Snowtrooper Armor

        Snowtrooper Backpack

        Rebel Snow Trooper Armor

        Rebel Snow Trooper Backpack

        T-47 Snowspeeder (Rebel)

        AT-RT (Imperial)


        Galactic Marine Armor (Imperial)

        Rebel SpecForce Armor


        Imperial and Rebel Crusader Armor


Removed rewards:



Added factions:

Blackscale Clan

Norulac Raiders

Taanab Farmer’s Guild

Wookiee Freedom Fighters



Loot General:


New looted accessories (rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings) are dropping all over the galaxy – from old and new, easy and difficult NPCs.  These come in hundreds of varieties, some with multiple stats, and all have a small chance to proc even more.

New looted weapon enhancements:

  • Wampa Femur (similar to Acklay Bones)
  • Wampa Jaw (Similar to Rancor Teeth)
  • Kimogila Tissue (ranged blaster power handler tissue balanced for medium damage, low stack size)
  • Grogilla Tissue (ranged blaster power handler tissue balanced for low damage, high stack size)
  • Singing Mountain Clan Vibro Unit (lower damage, higher durability)
  • Spiderclan Vibro Unit (medium damage, high accuracy)

New looted armor enhancements:

  • Carax Carapace : Acid, Cold, Integrity
  • Reek Pelt : Acid, Heat, Encumbrance
  • Grogilla Scurf : Special
  • Cybernetic Research Layer (lootable Layer, not an Enhancement) : Special

Armor stats added to Nightsister Bicep, Axkva Min can drop them

Skill mod drop rate @ 1/100

Junk loot value increased x10

Yellow/Exceptional/Legendary modifiers reduced to 1.25/1.5/2.0

SEAs drop with stat mod name and amount in item name

Looted weapons only drop with weapon-appropriate skill mods (accuracy, speed, etc)

The following stats have been removed from Armor Attachments:

aim, alert, berserk, camouflage, carbine_aim, cover, droid_find_chance” droid_find_speed, droid_track_chance, foraging, group_slope_move, keep_creature” onehandmelee_damage, rescue, steadyaim, stored_pets, take_cover, twohandmelee_damage, unarmed_damage, volley, warcry

Removed from clothing attachments:

aim, alert, berserk, camouflage, cover, group_slope_move, instrument_assembly, keep_creature, medical_foraging, onehandmelee_damage, rescue, steadyaim, stored_pets, take_cover, twohandmelee_damage, unarmed_damage, volley, warcry

Removed from looted armor:   

aim, alert, armor_assembly, armor_experimentation, armor_repair, berserk, camouflage, clothing_assembly, clothing_experimentation, clothing_repair, cover, droid_assembly, droid_complexity, droid_customization, droid_experimentation, droid_find_chance, droid_find_speed, droid_track_chance, droid_track_speed, food_assembly, food_experimentation, foraging, general_assembly, general_experimentation, grenade_assembly, grenade_experimentation, group_slope_move, healing_dance_mind, healing_dance_shock, healing_dance_wound, healing_injury_speed, healing_injury_treatment, healing_music_mind, healing_music_shock, healing_music_wound, healing_range, healing_range_speed, healing_wound_speed, healing_wound_treatment, instrument_assembly, medical_foraging, medicine_assembly, medicine_experimentation, onehandmelee_damage, rescue, slope_move, steadyaim, structure_assembly, structure_complexity, structure_experimentation, surveying, take_cover, tame_aggro, tame_non_aggro, twohandmelee_damage, unarmed_damage, volley, warcry, weapon_assembly, weapon_experimentation, weapon_repair

Removed from looted clothing:
aim, alert, berserk, camouflage, cover, instrument_assembly, medical_foraging, onehandmelee_damage, rescue, steadyaim, take_cover, twohandmelee_damage, unarmed_damage, volley, warcry




Bespin Shelves     Loot Schem, Cloud City dungeon

Bespin Sconce     Loot Schem, Cloud City dungeon

Bespin Lamp     Loot Schem, Cloud City dungeon

Bespin Glass Sculpture     Loot Schem, Cloud City dungeon

Jellyfish Hologram      Loot, Avatar Guards

Exar Kun Fresco        Loot, Spirit of Exar Kun

Hoth Geode          Loot, Kyrisa

Wampa Skin Rug          Loot, Gigantic Wampa




XP38 Landspeeder        M. Artisan

AB-1 Landspeeder        M. Artisan

V35 Landspeeder        M. Artisan

USV5 Landspeeder        M. Artisan

Lava Skiff            Loot schem, HK-47  

Desert Skiff            Loot schem, IG-88

Air-2 Racing Swoop        M. Artisan

BARC Speeder        Loot schem, Necrosis – loot deed, Mos Eisley Speeder Quest (temporary)

Rebel BARC Speeder        Faction Recruiter

Imperial BARC Speeder    Faction Recruiter

Geonosian Speeder        Loot schem, Geo Guards

Hover Lifter

Organa Speeder

Mechno Chair

Sith Speeder            Loot schem, Exar Kun

Swamp Speeder        Loot schem, Bog Raider boss

Snowspeeder          Faction Recruiter

STAP Speeder        Loot schem, DWB droids

FG 8T8 Pod Racer

Balta Pod Racer

Longtail Pod Racer

Gasgano Pod Racer

Mawhonic Pod Racer

Anakin’s Pod Racer

Basilisk War Droid

AT-RT          Faction Recruiter

Flare S-Swoop        M. Artisan

XJ6 Speeder

Koro-2 Airspeeder

Hover Chair

Senate Pod

Bespin Single Pod Speeder          Loot schem, Cloud City dungeon

Republic Gunship




Invisible Generic Armor Helmet             

Imperial Shock Trooper        Faction Recruiter

Imperial Scout Trooper        Faction Recruiter

Imperial Snow Trooper        Faction Recruiter

Imperial Officer Chest Plate        Faction Recruiter

Imperial Crusader          Faction Recruiter

Imperial Clone Trooper

Neutral Clone Trooper        Schematic

Infiltrator style 1&2            Schematic (quest at Rori, Rebel Outpost)

Galactic Marine          Faction Recruiter

Marauder style 12&3            Marauder, Norulac Raider loot drop

Rebel Clone Trooper   

Rebel Crusader          Faction Recruiter

Rebel Assault                Faction Recruiter

Rebel Battle                Faction Recruiter

Rebel Marine (full set)            Faction Recruiter

Rebel SpecForce          Faction Recruiter

Rebel Snow Trooper            Faction Recruiter

Bounty Hunter Armor         Schematic, Black Sun loot drop



Nightsister Backpack        Loot, Nightsisters

Singing Mountain Clan Backpack        Loot, SMC Witches

Galactic Marine Backpack

Hutt Backpack

Krayt Skull Backpack          Loot, Colossal Krayt Dragon

Rebel Ace Backpack            Faction Recruiter

Imperial Ace Backpack        Faction Recruiter

Neutral Ace Backpack

Rebel Snow Backpack        Faction Recruiter

Snowtrooper Backpack        Faction Recruiter

Tauntaun Skull Backpack     Loot, Taun Taun Matriarch

Rebel Endor Backpack        Faction Recruiter

Sandtrooper Backpack        Faction Recruiter

Chiss Poacher Backpack

Yoda Backpack

C3PO Backpack


Cybernetic Headband          Loot Schem, Cloud City dungeon

Lando’s Cape          Loot Schem, Cloud City dungeon




Upgraded Nightsister Energy Lance to medium AP

Changed Jawa Ion Rifle to Electricity damage

Changed Tusken Rifle to Kinetic damage

Changed Stun Baton to Electricity damage

Changed Geonosian Sonic Blaster to Blast damage

Upgraded Nym’s Slugthrower Carbine to medium AP

Upgraded Flamethrower to light AP


Blacksun Razor Knuckler        Black Suns, loot schem

Blasterfist                IG-88 , loot schem, general

Massassi Knuckler            Exar Kun Cultist

Katarn Knuckler            NK Necrosis, loot schem

Metal Fan          Sayormi NPCs

PvP Knuckler                Faction Recruiter

Punch Dagger                Marauder, general

Naktra Crystal Knife            NK Necrosis, loot schem

Trando Skinning Knife            Avatar Scalelord, Guard

Exar Kun Massassi Sword 2h    Exar Kun, loot schem

PvP Sword 2h                Admiral Sait, ISD- Faction Recruiter

Sith Sword 2h                Exar Kun, loot schem

Massassi Sword 2h            Exar Kun Cultist

Obsidian Sword 2h            Axkva Min, loot schem

Tulrus Sword    2h            HK-47, loot schem

Wookiee Sword 2h            Feral Wookiee

Fallan Hyper-Rifle            Norulac Raider Captain, loot schem, general

Alliance Gauss Rifle            General Rieekan, Echo Base

DC15 Rifle                NK Necrosis, loot schem

Deathtrooper Rifle            Elite Stormtroopers, Rebel Corvette, general

Geonosian Drill            Crazed Geo Guard, loot schem

LD1 Rifle                Lord Cyssc, Avatar, loot schem, general

Mandalorian Rifle            Death Watch Overlord

Proton Rifle                Lord Cyssc, Avatar, loot schem

Trandoshan Hunting Rifle        Lord Cyssc, Avatar, loot schem

Jinkins J1 Rifle            IG-88, general

A280 Rifle                Admiral Sait, ISD

Eweb Rifle                Snowtrooper, general

Massassi Ink Rifle            Exar Kun, loot schem

Imperial PvP Rifle            Faction Recruiter

Rebel PvP Rifle            Faction Recruiter

Westar M5 Rifle            IG-88

DP23 Rifle                NK Necrosis, loot schem

Mustafar Disruptor Rifle        HK-47, loot schem

Naktra Crystal Rifle            NK Necrosis, loot schem

TC22 Rifle                CorSec Officers, Neutral Corvette, general

Cryo Lance                Avatar Scalelord, Guard, loot schem, general

Electric Polearm,       loot schem, general

Kaminoan Staff          loot, general

Kashyyyk Staff            Feral Wookiee

Massassi Polearm          Exar Kun

Shock Lance                General Rieekan, Echo Base, general

Magna Guard Staff          HK-47

Obsidian Lance            Axkva Min, loot schem

Xandank Lance            Sher Kar, loot schem

Wookiee Lance            Feral Wookiee

Trando Lance                Lord Cyssc, Avatar

Poison Spike                NK Necrosis

Heroic SD Polearm            Admiral Sait, ISD, loot schem

Alliance Disruptor Pistol        General Rieekan, Echo Base , loot schem

Flechette Pistol           Rebel Snow Trooper, loot schem, general

Intimidator Pistol            IG-88, loot_schem, general

Ion Stunner Pistol      Rodian Hunter Bunker bone exchange, loot schem

Jawa Pistol                Jawas

KYD21 Pistol                NK Necrosis

Mandalorian Pistol            Death Watch Overlord

Trando Suppressor Pistol        Lord Cyssc, Avatar

URG8 Pistol                Lord Cyssc, Avatar, loot schem

DD6 Pistol                Rodian Hunter Bunker bone exchange, loot schem, general

Deathhammer Pistol            Elite Stormtroopers, Rebel Corvette, loot schem – Young Gun Quest reward

Flare Pistol                NK Necrosis

P-8 Lamprey Pistol            Admiral Sait, ISD, loot schem

Imperial PvP Pistol            Faction Recruiter

Rebel PvP Pistol            Faction Recruiter

Renegade Pistol            Norulac Raider Captain, general

Westar 34 Pistol            Rebel Officers, Imperial Corvette – Rebel Snow Troopers, Echo Base dungeon

Ion Relic Pistol            HK-47, loot schem

Disruptor Pistol            HK-47, loot schem

Wookiee Bowcaster Pistol        Feral Wookiees

Mustafar Bandit Sword        HK-47, loot schem

Obsidian Sword            Axkva Min, loot schem

Acid Sword                Spiderclan Elder, Protector, loot schem

Junti Mace                Marauder, loot schem, general

Mandalorian Sword            Death Watch Overlord

Marauder Sword         Marauder,  loot schem, general

Massassi Sword            Exar Kun Head Cultist, loot schem

PvP Sword                Faction Recruiter

RSF Sword                RSF Captain, loot schem, general

Wookiee Sword            Feral Wookiee

Alliance Needler Carbine        General Rieekan, Echo Base, general

Bothan Bola Carbine            Norulac Raider Captain, loot schem, general

Czerka Dart Carbine            IG-88, loot schem, general

E5 Carbine                DWB Battle Droid, loot schem, general

Geonosian Carbine            Crazed Geo Guards, loot schem

Proton Carbine            Lord Cyssc, Avatar, loot schem

Mandalorian Carbine            Death Watch Overlord

Republic SFOR Carbine        HK-47, loot schem

DC15 Carbine                NK Necrosis

Charric Carbine          Bog Raider NPCs

Whistler Carbine            Admiral Sait, ISD, loot schem

Kun Massassi Carbine        Exar Kun, loot schem

Rebel PvP Carbine            Faction Recruiter

Imperial PvP Carbine            Faction Recruiter

Wookiee Carbine            Feral Wookiee

Underslung Carbine          Silent Shade NPCs

Lava Cannon                   HK-47

Crusader Heavy Rifle     Loot, Death Watch Overlord

CR1 Heavy Blast Cannon        Silent Shade Overlord

Republic Flamethrower        Loot, IG-88

Heavy Carbonite Rifle          Kyrisa

Imperial Heavy PvP       Faction Recruiters

Rebel Heavy PvP       Faction Recruiters



Added Combat, Commerce, University, and Theater style guild hall templates to Corellia, Naboo, and Tatooine style guild hall crafts

Added alternate City Hall styles with roads


New Houses:             

AT AT House

Bespin Cloud House            Loot Schem, Cloud City dungeon

Commando Bunker            Loot Schem

Emperor’s Spire        Faction Recruiter

Hangar            Loot Schem

Jabba’s Sail Barge

Jedi House            Loot Schem

Mustafarian Bunker        Loot Schem, HK-47

NS Hut

Rebel Spire            Faction Recruiter

Relaxation House            Loot Schem

Sandcrawler House

Sith House            Loot Schem, Exar Kun

SM Hut

Kashyyyk Tree House            Loot Schem

Vehicle Garage            Loot Schem

VIP Bunker            Loot Schem

Yoda House

YT 1300 House

Naboo Small Window            Loot Schem, quest in Pandath, Taanab

Tatooine Small Window            Loot Schem, quest in Pandath, Taanab

Generic Small Window 1            Loot Schem, quest in Pandath, Taanab

Generic Small Window 2            Loot Schem, quest in Pandath, Taanab

Generic Medium Window 1            Loot Schem, quest in Pandath, Taanab

Generic Medium Window 2            Loot Schem, quest in Pandath, Taanab

Generic Large Window 1            Loot Schem, quest in Pandath, Taanab

Generic Large Window 2            Loot Schem, quest in Pandath, Taanab



8D8         IG-88, loot schem

Battle Droid          Colonel OR, loot schem

Super Battle Droid

Magnaguard          HK-47, loot schem

Droideka          AK-Prime, loot schem



Creatures / NPCs / Spawns:

Newly available for Bio Engineer crafting:



Kashyyyk Bantha

Lava Flea



Spined Snake

Hawk Bat


Non-CH looted Pet Deeds:

Sher Kar Hatchling


Brand new creatures on new planets (tamable unless specified non):



Horned Platile


Tuskolle (Mountable)

Reek (Rare)


Tauntaun (Mountable)

Wampa (rare)

Hoth Mastodon (rare, Mountable)


Bolotaur (Mountable)

Kashyyyk Bantha (Mountable)


Minstyngar Bonecrusher (Rare)

Mouf (Mountable)

Varactyl (variants, Mountable)



—(non tamable)



Uller (and variations)

Urnsoris (and variations)

Domestic Uwari Beetle



Towering Cirook

Draylisk (Mountable)

Draylisk Trampler (Mountable)


Territorial Grizzok

Kuat Plains Bat


Plankite Bark Biter


Savage Winged Mawrat

Savage Winged Mawrat Shredder (Rare)


Sibbart Scavenger

—(non tamable)

Enraged Grizzok

Enraged Grizzok Trampler



Lava Flea (Mountable)


Jundak Eviscerator (Rare)



Stunted Karling

Tulrus (non tamable)

Nal Hutta

Finned Blaggart


Mireclaw Swamp Prowler (Rare)


Razor Angler

Whiskerback Widow

Carax (non tamable)

Ord Mantell


Barbard Bludgeoner


Dire Feathound


Stocky Hawkbat

Horned Raptor

Horned Raptor Stalker

Nexu (Rare, Mountable)


Pangrack Pack Runner

Spined Spider

Spined Spider Aggressor

Minor Grogilla

—(non tamable)

Young Grogilla


Giant Grogilla

Grogilla Matriarch


Nerf (Mountable)

Grassland Nerf (Mountable)

Stonefoot Nerf (Rare, Mountable)

Ambrian Staga

Dagobah:  (non tamables)






Improved/Rebalanced and new rare tamable vanilla creatures:

Arachne Widow

Bull Rancor (New model)

Bull Sharnaff

Enraged Reptilian Flier

Fambaa (Rare, Mountable)

Feral Gurk

Frenzied Graul

Gaping Spider Queen

Giant Crystal Snake

Giant Sand Beetle

Graul Mauler

Great Plains Stalker

Greater Sludge Panther (mountable)

Kimogila (Mountable)

Lesser Acklay

Malignant Squill

Mantigrue Screecher

Merek Assassin

Merek Deaths Head

Savage Guf Drolg

Savage Pugoriss

Torton Colossus

Wild Dune Boar

Snorbal (Mountable)

Thune (Mountable)

Gronda (Mountable)

Piket (Mountable)

Ronto (Mountable)

Blurrg (Mountable)

Kwi (Mountable)

Peko Peko (Mountable)

Kliknik (Mountable)

Wrix, Grand Wrix (mountable)

Gurreck (mountable)



(all expansion badges + dozens more exist, but have yet to be attached to content)




Painted Hills

Hex Farm

Mining Outfit

Blacksun Shipwreck

Great Herds

Norulac vs. Farmer Battle


Scavenger Starport

Wampa Caverns

Echo Base

Frozen Lake


Kuat Drive Yards

Gardens of Tralala

Forest Research Station

Failed Rebel Op

Fishing Docks

Kuat’s Tallest Waterfall

Ord Mantell:

Smuggler’s Peak

Disinous City

Junk Fields

Grogilla Canyon

Twin Falls


Kachirho Starport


Mensix Mining Facility

Kill Badges:


Ancient Krayt Dragon

Axkva Min


Kiin Dray

Colossal Krayt Dragon

Gorax Titan

Wandering Affliction




Widened galactic travel map to accomodate larger galaxy map and all new planets, shuttle hops are adjacent only. 



Using Sytner’s Satellite Maps + Takh’s

Incorporating 3D and 2D art from – exported, rebuilt, and textured for SWG by Takhomasak



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