Change List

Sunrunner II Change List

These are changes from SWGEMU “Basilisk” and stock pre-CU SWG

Everything listed here is currently ‘live’ on the test server, any items without a listed source are available on the Blue Frog character builder terminals



Armor effectiveness slices capped at 84% – all crafted types have the same outcome as Composite, regardless of schematic ingredients

No crafted Enhance Ds, Stimpack Es, or Poison/Disease Cs

Resource stack sizes are 1,000,000, weapon Powerup crates at 100, all crafting components at 1000, storage per lot at 150

Stun damage and protection generally removed from loot and crafting, placed in GCW/PvP reward system

Added many expansion items to bluefrog (bluefrog stats are not the same as the actual drop stats)  —  see further down for complete list of items and implementation status

EMU (unstable) Bazaar/Vendor keyword search and price filter is integrated

Newsnet terminals report relevant information.

“Solo Grouping” works, and you may take up to four missions from a terminal.

Added YPR furniture rotation commands for decoration.

Migrate your own stats anywhere, anytime!

When you /deathblow a player in any circumstance, you gain visibility.  After enough kills, you will appear on the Bounty Hunter terminals. 

Craftable roads for Player Cities and greatly expanded city decoration options.

Group invites work from anywhere.

Hues/color palettes available on many new and old creatures, vehicles, furniture, and clothing.  Clothing and Armor may be recolored by the wearer at will.



Planet change and progress list



Added playable species:

Aqualish, Bith, Chiss, Nautolan, Quarren, Gotal, Gran, Ishi Tib, Nightsister, Nikto, SMC, Weequay – each with unique species mods.



Instanced dungeon list

World dungeon list


DWB  (added loot to droids, Black Suns, and Overlord, buffed Overlord HAM)

Geo Cave (added loot, buffed Acklay HAM and damage, buffed Fire Spider similarly)

  • Added 3 dynamic Acklay spawns to world on Yavin IV

Spiderclan Cave (added loot)

Axkva Min instance entrance is at former Axkva spawn point

Corellian Corvette (added loot)



Added skills list

non-combat profession skill point requirements reduced

Entertainer disciplines consolidated into a single profession

Doctor removed

enhance skill moved to Master Medic

enhance pack crafting moved to Medic

enhance pack D removed

stimpack E removed

poison and disease C removed

advanced stims and state heals moved to Combat Medic

advanced medicine crafting skill mods moved to Combat Medic

ranged support prerequisite has been removed for Novice Combat Medic

unarmed prerequisite has been removed for Novice Commando

heavy weapon speed and accuracy consolidated into ‘General Heavy Weapon’ stats – and rewarded as you progress through Commando – these stats benefit all new and old heavy weapons, thrown weapons, flame throwers, etc

removed stun layer crafting

increased Carbineer leg shot modifier and added +15 speed to skill trees

increased Pikeman leg hit modifier

added Unarmed Speed and Accuracy to Novice and Master Bounty Hunter

added Heavy Weapon Speed and Accuracy to Bounty Hunter LLC tree, LLC now uses those mods

increased max level of pets to 120

increased Master Bio Engineer experimentation by 50

improved Droid Engineer and Bio Engineer calculations to allow for more viable crafted pets

Droid Engineers with Production IV may now call two droids

Squad Leader skills are now planet and range restricted (128m)

added Taunt+ stats to all Novice and Master melee boxes and increased Taunt threat level



Increased credit and faction rewards, armor and weapon reward stats in Rebel, Imperial, Nym’s, Jabba’s, Valarian, and Marauder themeparks.

Mos Eisley speeder quest (start with Majolnir just outside the starport)

Tatooine Panoramic Vista POI collection added

Varactyl kill quest (talk to Ortha Ledox around 550, -650 on Kashyyyk)

Imprisoned Geonosian Quest (starts with imprisoned Geonosian in Kachirho)

Galactic Tour part 1 added to Coronet (starport entrance, travel kiosk with poster)

Infiltrator Armor Schematic quest begins in the Rebel Outpost on Rori (Master Armorsmith)

Small Windowed House Schematic quests begin near the new houses to the north in Pandath, Taanab (Master Architect)

Young Gun questline, begins in Mos Eisley – Lucky Despot, with Akeser Alrai

Rebreather Quest – starts with Ordell Robbi in the Mon Calamari City medical center



Increased faction pet combat strength

Added ranks:    

Brigadier General

Major General

Lieutenant General


High General

Surface Marshall

New GCW Reward and Battleground List


Added NPC factions:

Blackscale Clan

Norulac Raiders

Taanab Farmer’s Guild

Wookiee Freedom Fighters



Loot General:

Armor stats added to Nightsister Bicep, Axkva Min can drop them

Skill mod drop rate @ 1/100

Junk loot value increased x10

Yellow/Exceptional/Legendary modifiers reduced to 1.25/1.5/2.0

Looted DoT weapons are extremely rare

SEAs drop with stat mod name and amount in item name

Looted weapons only drop with weapon-appropriate skill mods (accuracy, speed, etc)

Added Creature Harvesting and Taunt to SEAs and looted clothing

List of skill mods removed from attachments and looted clothing/armor

New looted enhancement list

New looted accessories (rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings) are dropping all over the galaxy – from old and new, easy and difficult NPCs.  These come in hundreds of varieties, some with multiple stats, and all have a small chance to proc even more.



New decor list



New vehicle list



New armor and clothing list



Upgraded Nightsister Energy Lance to medium AP

Changed Jawa Ion Rifle to Electricity damage

Changed Tusken Rifle to Kinetic damage

Changed Stun Baton to Energy damage

Changed Geonosian Sonic Blaster to Blast damage

Upgraded Nym’s Slugthrower Carbine to medium AP

Upgraded Flamethrower to light AP

New Weapons by type:








Heavy Weapons



Added Combat, Commerce, University, and Theater style guild hall templates to Corellia, Naboo, and Tatooine style guild hall crafts

Added alternate City Hall styles with roads

New house list



8D8         IG-88, loot schem

Battle Droid          Colonel OR, loot schem

Super Battle Droid        HK Taskmaster, loot schem

Magnaguard          HK-47, loot schem

Droideka          AK-Prime, loot schem

IG Assassin Droid        IG-88, loot schem


Creatures / NPCs / Spawns:

Updated pre-CU Tamables

Newly available for Bio Engineer crafting

New Mounts

Non-CH looted Pet Deeds






Nal Hutta

Ord Mantell





(all expansion badges + dozens more are ready, but have yet to be attached to content)

New badge list



Widened galactic travel map to accomodate larger galaxy map and all new planets, shuttle hops are adjacent only. 



Using Sytner’s Satellite Maps + Takh’s

Incorporating 3D and 2D art from – exported, rebuilt, and textured for SWG by Takhomasak

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