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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Sunrunner II have jedi?

  • No, jedi is not implemented YET. It'll be one of the focuses after Mandalore is released.

Q: What is the XP rate?

  • XP rate is normal, however crafting XP required per box is half what it was on live and we have occasional double or even triple XP periods for some events.

Q: Does Sunrunner II have JTL?

  • There is no JTL but there are MANY other QoL improvements, including a quicktravel system which uses the ARC-170 in your datapad.

Q: How does Sunrunner II differ to other servers?

  • SR2 is a server built on the original 'Pre-CU' combat and character system. The galaxy has been expanded though and includes a number of new and unique worlds to explore and challenges to face. SR2 also includes a lot of the 'good' parts of the NGE including housing, vehicles and other items. The dev team is also very active in introducing many Quality of Life changes not seen elsewhere. A full changelist can be viewed on the SR2 website.

Q: Any other tips that will help get me started?

  • You can take up to 4 missions at a time. The mission terminal will display missions in the direction you're facing at the time you're taking them.
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